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[July] Sharkbrew Clan Clash (Monthly CWA Activity Award)

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We started up "Clan Clash" to reward clans for not only their competitiveness, but their overall activity in the clan wars scene as well. We've been working on ways to make clan wars a bit more active, especially with the Jagex Cup potentially in the near future, so we'll be continuing with this award to recognize the best and most active clans/and or teams.

As of right now, nothing about the monthly competition is set in stone. We're still tweaking specifics regarding points, minimum opts, etc. If you have an opinion on any changes that you feel would benefit us, let us know. As of right now, the rules can be found here. We've decided to lower the minimum opts requirement from 27v27 down to 20v20 moving forward.




The third winner of the Clan Clash (July) is: Adversity. Congratulations.




For the prize money, be sure to contact@slushpuppyand he'll handle the payout.






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