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invite only Team Dominate | P2P Miniwar Team

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Team Dominate is a P2P miniwar team originally founded by RocktailBrew in 2021. We are in search for the best mini warrers who are currently looking for a team. As of right now we are invite-only, but if you think you have what it takes, pm a Leader in Discord to discuss a trial. You must have a maxed 1-25 defence account with best in slot nig range and mage gear.

The 4 week (if active) trial period consists of a tank test and several inner and/or mini events against other teams or clans. Once you pass expectations you will be granted Member rank.

We are looking forward to all miniwars against the community. Hopefully, together, we can succeed in making the scene more active again.







🇬🇧 Paul
🇺🇸 Ben
🇺🇸 Yad

🇺🇸 Deadz

🇧🇪 Willeum



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