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upper decker692453

Looking for a "loose" f2p clan

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I have a lvl 124 main (85 pray = poor status). I'm just getting back into the game after about a 6 month break. I really only enjoy F2P pking and was hoping to find a clan that did F2P pking a lot. 

Yes, I know there's no money in F2P pking. No, I won't "try p2p pking." Just looking for a friendly laid back clan to BS with and go on F2P trips on the weekends, mostly Saturday nights. 

I can't commit to EVERY weekend or every event as I don't get much time to play. Most of my free time is Saturday nights so it would just be nice to have a Disc CC/IG CC to arrange a trip last minute.


I know I'm asking for a lot and don't have high hopes since most clans are pretty well organized with events, just figured I'd post this here to see. 

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