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2002 Allen Iverson

⚔️weekend Onslaught literally kills the entire wizard simulator game on gods day | Zenith fully cleared on video tape rofl!!!!

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What’s up nerds lmfao

Onslaught wizard guild set out with 30 autistic gamers ready to out game many other gaming wizard guilds and thats exactly what we did. While onslaught wizard guild was owning, cookies & co (zenith) were crying because they had a horrible trip that consisted of them getting 15 seconds of action rofl!!! Thank you 0wl for staying muted most of the trip your voice is fucking disgusting

teal#0420 • Quode#5503 




~Quode POV



~The Fat Bald Bastard POV



cba posting pics of killing nerds for glory’s with 3 charges watch the vid or not were in our mid 20’s living on a floating rock idc lmfao!!!


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Easy smoke for OG - no way Apeg has broke to a 1 item slave clan. Bring back 2018 Apex who weren't getting pig roasted by Zenith and Rot - l0l break more

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