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🏆⚔️rsbl Dynasty vs The Goblins Den

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Discord: https://discord.gg/7rpyKnzCDz

Interested in joining the most respectful, honorable clan in OSRS? ^ Click on our discord link and join us, where most Veteran RS players are.


Today Dynasty had a prep fight with a clan Ankou, right after that a p2p rsbl clan asked us to replace a clan that didn't show up for them and we gladly accepted even though it was 1 hour+ after our main event, we massed our best p2p unit and went into battle against The Goblins Den These goblins are a new breed and wanted to test themselves against our mighty Spartan unit. Without hesitation my men went head on to slay some goblins to show no mercy for these foul creatures of the dark. Dynasty as usual came on top victorious, the honor this clan has will always out bright others.

Dynasty is taking over, and 2022 is just another year for us to strive better for our 2nd year opening.














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