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zerk/tank Cutthroat | Mid-Level Multi Pking OSRS Clan

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Cutthroat opened June 1st, 2015 as a mid-level, P2P, multi pking clan with an elite single unit (single is not required to join).  It's leadership team is comprised of experienced leaders who have a long and rich history of various leadership roles throughout dozens of multi and single teams since 2003.  One of our great strengths is our community, which has a core group of close friends who have known each other for years mixed with newcomers from various multi and single backgrounds.  Our community is one that loves to joke around, laugh and hang out on TS every day.  We pride ourselves in having a great group of friends that can have fun in and outside of the game. 


Cutthroat also prides itself on integrity and makes a point to avoid propaganda and baiting and does not condone ddosing in any way, shape or form.  We like to let our skills and success in the wilderness speak for itself and our topics will reflect that.  We have trips almost every day as long as there is action and we will frequently go out more than once a day (especially on weekends).


If you are interested in joining an active, experienced pking clan as well as finding a great community that you can have fun with, Cutthroat is a great choice for you!  Visit ct-rs.net and introduce yourself!


Additional Information regarding requirements & joining:


Our requirements are ideal for any mid level, zerker, or tank and can be achieved with a little bit of hard work.  We chose our requirements based on our desire to recruit a very diverse member base that can fight other mid level teams as well as hold its own against mains when need be.  While our requirements may seem challenging to get, we hope that meeting both our level and gear requirements will be your first step in proving your dedication to Cutthroat. 


Please note our levels range from 90-112 combat.


















Our single unit requires a separate application to join and you will be testing prior to being allowed on a single trip. This is to ensure that our single unit stays top notch and continues to represent the level of excellence Cutthroat stands for in all aspects of pking.










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I'm very interested, would you let a level 93 main join? I'm currently aiming for 100cb on it anyway xD @ look it up and consider please:)

username: 10k Pk


Don't quite meet reqs yet bud. They're posted at the top of the post as well, you're not too far off.

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