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Initials F
Current Status Closed
Founded Date August 21, 2010
Founder(s) ITIex, Big Reb0rn
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-42 Cape
Clan Specialization F2P Pure Minis
Notable Ranks Gooby, Ploot, Pk Run In, CanY0ud1ePlz, Juelz, Mr 15k
Notable Members Range Perra, Googs, Edwardo, Asian Wabbit, Waldos Fury, MadCow, Peejays, Epicnub, Swelly
Clan Motto
If you want Peace, Prepare for War

Fury was founded in July of 2011, beginning life as a masser clan in World 18 competing with the likes of Stoned Memories and Oldschool Inc. In August, Fury transitioned itself from a World 18 massing cc into an official clan, picking up notable new faces along the way. Extremely well-known at the time for their skill in F2P, Fury was nearly undefeated in F2P warring. The clan also went on to the final round of the 100 m Pure Warfare F2P Miniwar category- Hosted by rival clan NME. Days before the final was set to start, NME called the entire tournament off. Despite its success in F2P, pulls remained low, and when 3 of the members were hacked by a rogue staff member, the decision was made to shut its doors. Today, almost all of Fury's old leadership and member base are still in contact with each other. Fury remains as a gaming community, playing games such as old school Runescape, and League of Legends.



Finalists in the 100m Pure Warfare F2P Miniwar category before NME canceled.

Notable Events

Winners of FuryWar vs VenomEF F2P Fullout

Notable Rivalries

Venom and Excel


April 2012, Gooby hacked Range Perra for 40 defence. May 2012, Gooby hacked Waldos Fury for 40m. June 2012, gooby hacked Mark for 39 Defence. August 2012 Gooby took Fury on a Field Trip to the Flower Games and got everyone cleaned. January 2016, Gooby hacked Mark for 30m and closed the Clan.