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Welcome to Sharkbrew Clanning Wiki. A wiki resource for Clanning and Player Killing.

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Initials TLP
Current Status Closed
Founded Date February 2006
Founder(s) Bow of Sonic, X M1l1tant X, Eye Of Soron, Finnald
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-27
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks
Notable Members undisclosed
Clan Motto
Quality over Quantity

The Last Pures was a HPC clan who excelled in matched quality and consistently strong performances at the highest levels of pure clanning. In recent history, they were among the most powerful forces in f2p clanning in pure clanning history, with an undefeated streak of nearly a year in both f2p wilderness and matched clan wars. Characterized by impressively high combat averages and fearless attitudes, TLP maintained a thoroughly competitive status during their time on Oldschool, losing almost none of their many rivalries in their time.

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