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Welcome to Sharkbrew Clanning Wiki. A wiki resource for Clanning and Player Killing.

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Initials FS
Current Status Open
Founded Date November 2007
Founder(s) P0ke N Die, Hary
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-43
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks P0ke N Die, Oxygen, KaBoom, Hary, Tannie, Ha_0wned2
Notable Members Deadftw, Lord of Joo, maiko, pk zero
Clan Motto
Take Every Risk, Drop All Fear

Fearless - a P2P & F2P based medium pure clan formed on November 17th 2007 when Calamity and Destructive Violenced merged. The clan was known for its activeness and relatively strong ability to fight clans of their tier in p2p wilderness. In February 2008, Fearless pulled 70 people to a F2P RAW war claiming the #6 spot on the pure clan RAW list.

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