Point Blank

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Initials PB
Current Status Closed
Founded Date -
Founder(s) Get Good Son
Team Cape Number/Cape Color N/A
Clan Specialization P2P Miniwars
Notable Ranks Get Good Son, Moni
Notable Members Horizon, Vohveli
Clan Motto
The date "-" was not understood.

Point Blank was a P2P Miniwar team that emerged in late 2015 and operated until early 2016. The team was made up of some members of different teams coming together to give healthy competition to the team scene.


All-Time Memberlist

  • Dazzled
  • Get Good Son
  • Horizon
  • Moni
  • Nousu
  • Range
  • Rxlf
  • Vohveli


Notable Events

Notable Rivalries