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Initials RS
Current Status Open
Founded Date 10 June 2019
Founder(s) H2K, Ross
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team cape 46
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks Junior, Ross, Shawn, Novak, Into, OGGwas, Brandon
Notable Members McChoobly, Frambozen, Aiselia, Gavin, 95CN, Amenakoydem, Eric, Aqr
Clan Motto
We Are Prideful, We Are Historic, We Will Forever Be Intense. We Are the Resistance

After IR closed it's doors after 12 years, The core members of Intense Redemption decided instead of letting the community within IR spread, we would create a clan called "Resistance" where the members of IR can come to enjoy a community similar to the past, after gaining enough members in the community, we would decide to open the clan to midweeks / weekend trips to hopefully form what will be a new successful community

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