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Against All Odds

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Initials AAO
Current Status Closed
Founded Date September 2006
Founder(s) R4ng3r J, 00_Paladn_00
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team Cape 18
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks Ryan, Kyle, Patrick, James, Open, William, Shady, Nick, Austen, Collin, Jason, P0ke N Die2, Frometoupk3r, Canadian
Notable Members Marten, Dennis, Ever, Milzan, Aged, I Am A Guy I, Latino, Vtec, Pat, Blue, cast3 l, C__0_N_K_3_R, pur3strgod, Proccy
Clan Motto
Fear Nothing, Risk Everything

Established in early June 2006, as a low level F2P based pure clan. Later becoming one of the top medium/high level pure clans in the game. During many years of existence suffered through quite a few closures, however is still re-opened and competing in the LPC scene.

History[edit | edit source]

AAO was founded in early June 2006. The main clans around at this point were Ravage, Fatality, CP, TLP, MM and Destined Pures. AAO, led by Ranger J and Paladn, was one of the new clans that were springing up. Against All Odds quickly managed to provide such clans like CP and Fatality with great fights. Yet more clans began to find beginnings such Brutality Pures and KO Pures. As Corrupt Pures struggled after their hacking, AAO declared a full out war on them which AAO defeated them in a 33 CP vs 40+ AAO fight. CP however proved to be resilient, and bounced back after defeating AAO on several successive PK trips and began to be seen as a potential threat to Fatality.

Summer was thriving, with in excess of 10 pure clans all vying for position. This was the time when a lot of pure clans teamed up to fight one another. CI had several allied PK trips in which they'd run over clans such as MM+DP, or the one time alliance of KO+BP+AAO in a huge war that was the biggest event of its time, publicized on Pure Community and attracting incredible attention to the exciting nature of pure clanning.

However, Fatality was the dominant clan in F2P, and clans such as AAO, TLP, FOE, CP, BP, and KO couldn't really challenge their dominance despite all clans getting better, and thus they enjoyed a summer of dominance.

By the start of 2007, AAO was performing considerably well - in the top 5 on the Pure RAW List, mostly competing with Corrupt Pures. When EOP and Fatality were on the rise, fighting for #1-2 positions, there were TH, Cp, MM, AAO, and FOE were all in contendership for #3 - #7, with several other clans below them.

With summer, even more new low level clans were coming to prominence. A range of clans such as The Golden Gods, Intense Redemption and The Fallen were now becoming recognized as potentially the future of the pure community. These clans began contending with the previously established clans such as Against All Odds after being influenced by top clans such as EOP, FI, and MM, and brought hundreds of new pures into the community.

Now with the RAW list containing more than 30 pure clans, AAO still remained in the top 5 and together with clans such as FOE, TH, and CP were high levelled, highly organised, with high numbers, yet still couldn't beat EOP.

Things continued to thrive in the community with rivalries, full outs, PKRI's, and drama on the Pure Community website all contributing to the excitement. Fatality were at the top of the pile, TH, FOE , CP were catching up. While AAO, Fearless and others sat below them, quietly going about their business and training for the next push up the metaphorical ladder.

After the RWT update and the wilderness being taken away from the game, AAO, alongside with others, didn't close but entered into somewhat of a hibernation as the year came to a close, unsure of what the future would bring.

Many players left the game and never came back, but AAO continued to re-open after such updates as Clan Wars Arena, Bounty Hunter minigame or Oldschool Runescape, hoping for the old days to come back.

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