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Initials A
Current Status Open
Founded Date March 2012.
Founder(s) Brad, Toby, Beau, Brian, Connor
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team 22
Clan Specialization Pure PKing Clan
Notable Ranks Beau, Brad, Toby, Brian, Connor, Clutch, Jay, `Ai(RD Brendan), Balli, Chris.
Notable Members Kolonial, Fox, P1Z4, Erase, Guy
Clan Motto
"Rise To The Top"

One of the most recognized and competing LPC clans of its time. During Ascents opening the LPC scene was barely breathing and Ascent was the beating heart of the LPC scene for some months. Due to Ascents lower levels and the shortage of LPC clans during the beginning stages of Ascent, Ascent had to look upward and take on much higher and experienced clans for fights such as Hazard, CP, EOP, and RD. Ascent quickly sparked new life into the LPC scene and paved the doorway for new LPC clans such as Supremacy, Activation, Zerg Unit, BV, LT, Zenith and many more. Ascent would quickly become a household name and compete in top spots in matched p2p preps and a fierce competitor in F2P both matched and unmatched. The clan made their way back to the game in Oldschool Runescape as an xLPC and for a couple of months and and was undefeated in preps and showed good quality in the f2p wilderness.

History[edit | edit source]

Founded in 2012 by five close friends: Brad, Beau, Connor, Toby and Brian.

Ascent first came to Runescape wilderness in the month of August, 2012. This was before the release of Bounty Hunter in 2014 and before the release of Evolution of Combat in November, 2012. The founding fathers of Ascent are a close-knit group of friends that have played RS and lead clans for many years prior to Ascent and for many more years after Ascent. Just to name but a few clans that they have been apart of: Divinity, Doom, Destructive Pures, Adversity, Prestige, The Death Pkerz, Inception, Resurgence, and many more. Some of these founders have Runescape experience tracing back to 2001, when Runescape was what you all now know as "Runescape Classic," a game comprised entirely of 2d pixel graphics and many of the luxuries such as 'running' and multi wilderness clan fights did not exist.

The clan made their way back to the game in Oldschool Runescape as an xLPC and for a couple of months and and was undefeated in preps and showed good quality in the f2p wilderness until their pears moved to LPC scene leaving Ascent without competition in the scene, the clan closed their doors right after.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Pulled 75 People to opening Pk Trip (March, 2014).
  • 100+ Youtube subscribers for "AscentTube"
  • 5 year anniversary on Febuary 22 2017.

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

2014 Red vs Blue Winners (first time in Pure History that Blue Team wins the RvB)

2014 Green vs Blue Winners in P2P PCL.

Jagex sponsored Ascent's PK trip video for the Wilderness Rejuvenation on (March 15, 2014)

Notable Rivalries[edit | edit source]

Supremacy Dates (2014)

Ascent and Supremacy did not have each other on the radar in the early start of Supremacy, mostly because Supremacy and a wave of new LPC's had just started to take off and Ascent was a higher level and more focused on MPC's. In the summer of 2014 however, Supremacy had gained cb levels and became a force to be reckoned with. Encounters and run-ins in the wild between Ascent and Supremacy would occur at times and the fights were very heated between the two clans. Ascent and Supremacy did not start seeing each other again until they would meet in Clan Wars. It was during this time in the early fall of 2014 that Ascent and Supremacy would square off in Clan Wars, not so much in the wild. In clan Wars Supremacy had built a reputation amongst the community for a strong P2P regime, especially matched. Supremacy and Ascent would meet frequently for matched preps in P2P and F2P in Clan Wars and initially Supremacy would win out the series of fights. It was during this time that Supremacy had racked up a large list of W's with 0 L's and found itself dominating its bracket. This all came to an inevitable meeting between Ascent and Supremacy the two blue caped clans that had both built up a strong P2P presence. Supremacy would take the P2P crown declaring themselves #1 matched and Ascent would fall to them in clan wars in a strong 2-1 victory for Supremacy.

Leet Tactics: (2012) and then again in (2014) when LT reopened.

Bloody Vikings/Envy: (2014)

Activation: (2014)

Nemesis: (2014)

Shadow Kings: (2017)

Complete Domination: (2017)

Torture/Synergy: (2017)

Bad Timing: (2017)