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Bad Timing

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Initials BT
Current Status Closed
Founded Date Main clan era: 2011 / XLPC era: Decembre, 2016
Founder(s) BT Black Son
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team Cape 30/48
Clan Specialization Main, Xlpc
Notable Ranks BT Byronbankz, BT Black Son, PICwarior381, BT Tupac Son, Dzeko, BT Blo, Whippedit
Notable Members Vinnie, Der Sun, DHP, BT Colt, Snakemanjens, Rumm Hamm, Posh, ZOIC, Funky, LSD, Poison, Jesus Allah
Clan Motto

"Main clan era: 2011 / XLPC era: Decembre, 2016" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.

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