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Initials BW
Current Status Closed
Founded Date 4 May 2015
Founder(s) JEYES
Team Cape Number/Cape Color
Clan Specialization HPC P2P Minis
Notable Ranks 2pac & Tupaaq
Notable Members Ant, Moni & LUBZ
Clan Motto
Worldwide Powerhouse

Blackwater was a HPC P2P Miniwar Team founded in 2015 that ran on and off in 2015 and 2016 later running for a little in 2017.


Blackwater started with JEYES wanting to team with people from other clans. The memberlist was unified by players from all around the globe and the pure community. Blackwater eventually achieved the most wins a team has ever gotten on the game, holding the record still to this day. Known notoriously for being the most hated, innovative and imitated yet a well-known force in Clan Wars. Blackwater later opened as a Killer Instinct LPC team.


Hall of Fame


2017 Line-Up

Logos2 NEWGEN GG.png


  • Most wins as a team on OSRS has achieved (223)
  • Winners of the "Best Team" of 2016 award on RSWarfare (now defunct)
  • Highest first pile 1-tick in a miniwar ever, featured on ChrisArchieProds (70-71)
  • Longest running team, 2nd miniwar team opened on OSRS after Ducks being the first
  • Emerged victorious in most of the team rivalries they participated in from 2015 to early 2016

Team Statistics


  • 25th win (6/7/2015)
  • 50th win (7/27/2015)
  • 69th win (9/11/2015)
  • 75th win (9/29/2015)
  • 100th win (11/11/2015)
  • 150th win (6/23/2016)
  • 175th win (8/26/2016)
  • 200th win (12/2/2017)

Team Rivalries



  • vs Panda
  • vs Team Anzac
  • vs Team Downfall

Overall Record

  • 223 - 2X

YouTube Channel


Official YouTube: Click Here

Player Spotlight

2pac The Don Watch Now
JEYES Activated Coming Soon
Ricke RAMBO Watch Now
Timz TBA Coming Soon

The Best of The Best

#1 TBOTB Watch Now
#2 TBOTB II Watch Now
#3 TBOTB III:X-Mas Watch Now
#4 TBOTB IV Watch Now

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