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Bloody Vikingz

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Initials Bv
Current Status Closed
Founded Date January 2010
Founder(s) Hassan
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team 47
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks Hassan, King, Point Guard, Beast, Fatal, Nemesisz, uBESO, Assasin, Turk, King, Royal, Billy, Hawk, Point Guard
Notable Members Nara, Born2Thieve,
Clan Motto
Hands Up, Cash Out

A low level pure clan founded in early 2010. They were known for being a wilderness clan since the beginning. Started off as a masser clan, they soon made their way to starting off officially. Throughout all these years of being open (pre EOC and OSRS), Bloody Vikingz were unable to move up the scenes or put up a consistent competition to their competitors. Only because the clan was always too dependent on their ranks, mainly Hassan. This lead to a considerable number of closures and re-opening of BV.

History[edit | edit source]

Bloody Vikingz was founded by Hassan in early 2010. BV was first a masser clan led by their founder. While being massers BV picked up vital ranks for their clan: Turk, King, Royal, Billy, Hawk, and Point Guard. In no time, BV became a significant clan of world 32 (pre-EOC). As high-pulling masser clan, having not too much competition, BV decided to go official. At the time they thought being official meant having ventrilo or team speak 3 and IRC, so they did just that. BV picked up their number one rivals, Exiled Force, and had loads of fights with them. The rivalry made EF and BV strong, and BV eventually began pulling in the high 30s and had fun fights with the latter.

Unfortunately, Hassan went inactive for one week so Bloody Vikingz pulled only about 15 that one Saturday. Upon Hassan’s return, he decided to restart BV from level 3’s. He started the clan with about 15 BV members who were all about the same combat levels. They were hitting up the world 57 scene again. In a little more than a month members were all 50+ combat and decided to go out on their first official trip. In BV's first trip they fought and defeated Integrity. The trip after: Negative (victorious). Bloody Vikingz eventually began to pull 40s and competed with Exiled Force in on and off wins. The clan was going well.

One day King told the clan he had to go on vacation for a month. Hassan was extremely furious because King was his right hand man and he was leaving! After one month King still did not come back! Despite King’s absence BV still had good pulls on trips, and everything was going fine. Later on, other leader Hawk had to go to the army. Again, Hassan was furious because all his leaders had disappeared. With the leaders dipping, a lot of ranks stepped up including Point Guard, Royal, Billy, Nara, Nelson, Beast, and Chrome. Although the clan was slumping a bit, BV were still pulling in the mid 30s. Then after one day Point Guard’s account got banned and he decided to make a new account and go back to world 57 pking where he founded the clan Vanquish.

BV was still pulling in the low 30s, slumping little by little. Hassan then found a new breed of ranks, Mercy, uBeso, Nemesis, and Aqua. The ranks helped BV but they were still slumping. Hassan noticed that although the new ranks were exceptional, there was just no replacing his old school ranks. Hassan felt alone and eventually closed BV. He told the people that stayed with him, like Billy, to join Fatality with him. About 9 BV members joined Fatality and had a little, but noticeable impact. Eventually Hassan basically quit the game because he got bored of it and because of high school football. He checked the #bloody-vikingz channel about once in every two weeks to see how his old members were doing.

Hassan decided to remake BV and most of his ranks supported him. Ranks such as: BV King (who was gone for 4 months rather than one), Point Guard, uBeso, Beast, Aqua, Nemesis, Mercy, Brutal, and Assasin were willing to rejoin. The ranks with a lot more experience noticed there was just no clan like BV. BV had an X-Factor that no one could explain. Unfortunately, Hawk had already created a clan called Salvation Pures, taking vital BV ranks, Royal and Billy and failing to take King. Hassan did not like the fact that Hawk was trying to steal his members so he did accordingly. Hassan and Hawk flamed each other and the tension between SP and BV (not yet opened) grew. Hassan promised Hawk that on June 23rd(when we open) we would own them in the wildy.

BV continued to prepare for its reopening, June 23rd Saturday, by contacting all of their old members through email alerts and facebook messages. They have gained a lot of old members that have either quit or joined other clans and BV continued to compete and fight their competitors until the Evolution of Combat update, where the pure community fell apart all out of sudden.

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