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Eruption Of Pures

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Initials EOP
Current Status Closed
Founded Date 21st of September 2005
Founder(s) Old P K 3 R, Harv P K E R
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team Cape 50
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks 0 L D P K 3 R, Harv P K E R, Clliw Aggin, Lovinthemage, Mr Sir Matt, Um y0 momma, Ch33blet, w0w2many, Elcangry, Omg0dzilla, McLooter, T7emon Arrow, Narc0tic b0w, S u w 0 0 p, Jonty, Matty B, Tayyab, Solo K1ng, Derek, Nish 0wnz Pk, o g0t milk o(Milky), Preschool, Teh Curtis X, Cody, Nathan`, Tastemyscim, Cronic, Acey, Matt(Pepe), Floor, Leech, Joey, Sean, Murd, Rebel, Berry, Thimaah, JoJo, Elver, J C`, Tyler, Nick, Jamz, Lalo,Debb,
Notable Members JoJo (white,rich,handsome) Togo (white,rich,handsome), Foxy(White,Rich,Handsome), Marty (webmaster), Slushpuppy (webmaster), X0X0 Owners, I Spehir0t I, Typical PK, Estranger, Quode, Pins, Russ, Badger, Xdk, Pixel
Clan Motto
(The only pure clan to never lose a runescape fight, ever) (Most Feared Pure Clan), (No-one likes us, we don't care), (Kings now, kings then, kings for ever)

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One of the oldest surviving clan not only just pure, but also all clans in Runescape in general. Thousands of pures have passed through the clan over the past 11 years, and as the original leadership intended, Eop continues to base their clan around the principles of having fun, competing with their rivals and succeeding no matter what.

History[edit | edit source]

The Beginning[edit | edit source]

The Eruption of Pures were founded on the 21st of September 2005 by Old P K 3 R and Harv P K E R. They started with just a few members and 60+ stat requirements with quite a few members with less than 60. The requirements quickly raised to 65+ and then 70+. EOP had quickly become one of the most most active and relevant pure clans in the pure community. After a few months of being open, there were some issues between clan leaders Clliw Aggin and Str 0wnz. This caused EOP's change to "Redemption." RD was a very inactive clan and after 1-2 weeks, they decided to go back to EOP. The switch back caused a great activity boost. EOP was on top again, but this all came crashing down when their forums were hacked by Xx Mel0n Xx. Old P K 3 R decided he had had enough and told the EOP members who could to join the newly created Fatality. This marked the end of the first era of EOP.

EOP left the clan world being #4 or #5 on the pure clanning rankings. After a summer in Fatality, Old P K 3 R decided to rebuild EOP. The clan was restarted in the early fall of 2006, Renamed 'Eruption of Pures'. They quickly got 15-25 members, both old and new. After just 2 weeks EOP was being ranked in the top 5 again. This caused even more members to join. EOP had a few wars during this period, one of them being with CP. However, they lost the war, but were still active enough to contend. In a short period of time, the clan grew to a good 70 members. With active recruiters and a friendly environment, EOP started having tussles with top 5 clans at the time, even winning some of them. That included Bp, Aao, Fi and Mm. Saturdays' trips back then consisted of sitting in a DD at the lava gap for about 5-10 mins waiting for BP to come up, till eventually they closed and then merged into Eop. This merge brought them many active/loyal ranks who had been with the clan for a long time.

2007[edit | edit source]

By the end of Spring 2007, EOP was sitting at about #2 F2P clan. EOP spent every Pk trip fighting Fatality to claim their #1 spot. EOP lost many, but then that magical day, they beat Fatality; which they knew was coming. This was unheard of! This victory gave EOP many new members and a lot of hype. EOP was considered the #1 F2P clan in the early summer of 2007. The clan maintained consistent pulls of 200-275 opts every week! EOP were competing with such clan as Mm, Fi and FO at the time. Then, RAW ranks were released and EOP was put at #1. Fatality challenged, to a war for #1 rank. EOP had not had a F2P war in quite a few months and many of their members were inexperienced in how it worked, however; the pirates (clan mascot) refused to back down. Sadly enough for the clan, EOP lost and went into a little slump, although managed to get out of it, but eventually they were hacked again. On top of that, EOC (Evolution of Combat) was launched into the game, which ruined the pure community leading many clans to their closure.


The start of 2010 saw the Eruption of Pures continue their rise to the top. January saw EoP consistently pull over 90 people, and a fierce rivalry with FO that had started in late 2009 continued to headline their trips. With each clan pulling around the same, there were many great battles during this rivalry, the most infamous of which were held at the trees northeast of spider village. These would happen two or three times in one trip, and lead to these trees being nicknamed "FO trees" by the leaders. EoP consistently came out on top, and secured their #3 F2P position behind Epidemic and MM. It was at this point that alliances were formed between the top 4 clans. MM and FO banded together, representing the old school dominance, who detested the recent success of Epidemic and EoP. E and EoP joined together to combat this, representing the new school takeover. With each clan pulling close to or over 100, these alliances resulted in many 200v200 fights, the biggest fights the pure clanning community had ever seen. The momentum of EoP and E however held them strong, and for consecutive weeks the two clans dominated the FO and MM alliance.

However, on a chilly February morning, many awoke to a shock - a closing topic from Epidemic. Despite pulling in the 100s, Epidemic had closed from the unrelenting pressure of MM and the toll it had taken on their staff, and even more importantly for EoP, this had left them alone to take on the two most successful pure clans in history. EoP received many Epidemic applicants, and on the Saturday following their closure, EoP set out with what is one of, if not the biggest individual pull in pure clans history. EoP set out with over 120 people (estimated to be around 125), and took on the MM and FO alliance alone. The Eruption of Pures made history on that day, by being the first pure clan to single handely defeat FO and MM combined.

Despite the groundbreaking success of this trip, the celebrations were short lived. Firstly, EoP's forums were hacked by MM co-leader Nick, and this was not the biggest misfortune to befall EoP at this time. Many of the ranks were going inactive and some were retiring, leaving only a handful of people to take charge of a clan with a 130 man memberlist. Finally, a few spiteful ex-epidemic ranks who did not like EoP had joined a clan called Destructive Pures, who before E closed were competing with CP for the #5 f2p spot. These few Epidemic ranks managed to convince virtually all the applicants we had received to mass leave and join DP. People panicked seeing the volume of leaving topics, and combined with the inactive staff and new forums, snowballed into many EoP members leaving over the month of February and into march. By March EoP no longer had the pulls to compete with the FO and MM alliance, and soon after did not have the pulls to compete with them individually. Over this month there was a pull drop from 100 to 60s, and eventually halve to 50 man pulls. Many clans took advantage of EoP's misfortune. DP who had gained a lot of applicants and momentum used them as a stepping stone upwards, as did CP and Fi who all sought to slump EoP beyond the point of no return. EoP took many beatings during this time, but in the long run it only made them stronger as a clan. The weak hearted members left while the strong core stayed. EoP's slump reached its lowest point when they would peak at around 40 people on Saturday trips, with their main competitors being relatively new clans like Chaotic, Exclusive and Complete Domination.

Throughout April a handful of people worked hard to keep the clan afloat, amidst rumours of EoP closing in the near future. The release of the dungeoneering skill hurt EoP even further when it caused many of the remaining active ranks to go inactive and instead no-life this new skill. While their pulls may not have been great, the organization improved dramatically during this time, setting the foundations for the notorious organization EoP display to this day. As May came, EoP slowly started to rebuild, and included their last F2P with Fi, as to this day, they have refused to accept another. It was the Friday of their anniversary weekend, and with Fi riding high on momentum, a win for us would be a massive boost. EoP ended up winning 3-0, only losing a handful of people in each round, and the beast inside reawakened.

May saw EoP giving a hard time for CD, Ex and Ch, resulting in each of the 3 clans to slump. One memorable trip saw all 3 clans team to try and defeat EOP. CD rushed EoP at the northwest steps, and as soon as EoP had cleared them, Ex rushed EoP, and as soon as EoP had cleared them, Ch rushed who also got cleared. This gauntlet win propelled EoP to higher things, and was the first in a series of very important events that lead to the rise 'the pirates'.

The second was a F2P pcl that saw possibly EoP's most amazing win of all time. CD and Ch, as well as a few CP members combined in a clan chat to fight EoP, and when the gate went down it was 29 EoP vs 54 CD + Ch + CP. A few on their side got kicked for messing around, leaving it at about 29v49. The fight was on plateau, so EoP stacked up in a 3 by 3 box in the corner, and stayed there the entire fight. Every EoP member piled and tanked their heart out, and ended up winning with about 15 remaining, shocking the pure community.

The third event was EoP defeating FO in a matched F2P prep for the first time, proving that EoP's organization was now among the best. The final event; one Saturday EoP's scouts had told their ranks that CP had about the same number as EoP. Beating CP would signal EoP's return to the top level of pure clanning. EoP rushed them at the entrance to dark knights castle and cleared them, proving that EoP was finally back. In order to curb this new momentum into consistency, the old inactive ranks were finally cleared out to make way for new ones. New high councils and warlords were implemented, and together with the leaders EoP set out on a mission of revenge. Neither forgiven nor forgotten, EoP was determined to get back at the clans that had instrumented EoP's downfall, one clan at a time; CP, Fi & DP were the main targets.

Were began by dominating CP for a few weeks while we built up our pulls to take on Fi and DP, who at the time were in a fierce rivalry for the #3 F2P spot. We waited patiently for the opportunity to take these two clans down, and finally the opportunity presented itself. The two clans had an all important fight at the hill giants hut, which we crashed. Despite Fi trying to flank us and the two clans attempting to sandwich us, both were cleared, marking the start of our revenge. And for the first time, we were not only dominating in F2P, but our P2P game had finally become noticeable. During our slump, we had non-mandatory P2P pk trips, where we would team with a NH clan called POT (Pures of Today). We were ridiculed and laughed at for teaming with an Nh clan, but these insults did nothing but poke the bull, and contributed to the next 4 months of rape. We began pulling 30+ people without the aid of PoT, and once we had started hitting the 40s we were able to compete with many med level p2p clans. For virtually the whole of June, July, August and much of September, we had declared a crash war on CP, Fi and DP. This was no minor feat, as it was us taking on half the pure community without the aid or support of any other clan. Our Saturday trips would consist of waiting until either CP, Fi or DP stepped out into the wilderness, then we would immediately pop out and hit them, even if they were already in a fight. Over this period our pulls increased to regular 70ish pulls, while the pulls of Fi and DP shrunk from 70+ to 50s. Despite the constant threats of DP, FI & CP, we continued to persevere and caused all three to fall into small slumps. A do or die time had come, with DP's 2nd anniversary gaining massive hype and us expecting a huge pull from them, we had to step up. DP thought they had us, setting out with around 85 people, however we shocked them when we set out with over 80 people too. We dominated their anniversary trip and caused them to end after just over an hour. This was pretty much the last straw for DP. A few weeks after this crushing blow, Destructive Pures closed its doors. The satisfaction ins the EoP leadership was immense, turning the clan that had stolen dozens of applicants and members, from 70+ man pulls to nothing. But our job was not over yet, with DP closed and CP pulling 35 people to mandatory trips, Fi was the only clan left to take down. In August and the beginning of September, we switched our focus to P2P. Fatality, our last remaining competitors below the top two, had officially become a P2P based clan. After a rich 5 year history as a F2P clan, spending over 2 years of it as #1 F2P, we had forced them to switch servers. We were not experienced, but we had the determination to succeed. We developed a friendly rivalry with a relatively new clan called CPR (Crimson Project) who had recently beaten many top clans in P2P matched fights, and we would have P2P preps with them 3+ times a week. We started off losing regularly, until after a few weeks we would consistently beat them. We owe a lot of our P2P success to this clan, we gained much invaluable experience from them. We began to dominate Fi in the P2P server, although many of these fights became epic returning battles, especially one famous P2P war with Fi which took place at FOG and lasted over 2 hours. Both clans returned so much that eventually each clan was just returning in 0 items punching each other and using the retribution prayer. We eventually managed to win this fight however, and from that point onward we defeated Fi in both servers with ease. Finally by mid September, two of Fi's biggest ranks had quit, and we had decided to stop bullying Fi, to step up to FO and MM. MM had recently been helping Fi against us, and so for a few weeks we saw EoP + FO vs MM + Fi fights, which EoP + FO won with ease due to Fi's falling numbers. This resulted in MM's numbers dropping significantly through October, to the point where both EoP and FO would take turns dominating them, as well as having some close, respectful fights with each other for the #1 f2p spot. Around this time, EoP defeated MM in a P2P matched prep, which was a symbol of the huge gains we had made in the P2P server, and made us one of the most organized p2p clans. October also saw the 2nd annual Red vs Blue event, where each clan in the pure community would be placed on either the red or blue team, and battle in a massive war. We were chosen to lead the red team, while FO lead the blue team. MM didn't compete in this fight, and instead tried to crash the event. We were partnered with clans like Fi and Ch, against FO, TLP and CP, and we knew it would be hard, but eventually red came out with a 2-0 victory. This win was a huge achievement, and further cemented our position on top of the pure clanning world. November started off as normal, with us, FO and MM clashing for the #1 f2p spot, while we continued to try to break into the top #3 p2p of FO, TLP and MM. However by mid-November, following the closure of the med level clan Complexity, Corrupt Pures had suddenly emerged as a top competitor. CP went from a 70 man pull to 120 in just one week, and targeted us as revenge for what we did to them in 2010. For a whole month we were hunted nonstop by CP, they would have over 100 people while we would only have around 80. We were initially worried that this might cause us to decline, but thanks to the fantastic commitment of our core members, our pulls increased even when hunted and crashed by CP. Cracks began to appear in CP, as more information was discovered about their methods. CC pictures obtained by spies showed that in their maxed cc of 100 people, 51 of those 100 people were not added on their memberlist, with 5+ of those being mains. CP staff leaks showed us that many CP ranks were dissatisfied with how the clan was being run, and numerous ranks even quit. Both Christmas and New years day were on Saturdays, which meant a 2 week hiatus from trips. This gave us the time needed to mount an attack on CP which would push them back down from where they came.


New years day 2011, despite not planning to have a trip on this day, we heard that CP were going out, and without their invites, it was apparent their trip was being lead by some officers, without any leaders on. We quickly massed up and obliterated them, causing much internal disruption in the clan. Many leaving topics began to appear on CP's forums, and by the first proper trip of the new year, our pulls were almost similar. We still had around 10 less than CP, but we took the risk and were confident in our ability. We beat them despite the disadvantage, which secured our spot at #1 for the day, and marked the end of the CP era. To add further insult to injury, our High Council Jonty paid a CP council 5m for his forum account and leaked the contents on the EoP forums. For the remainder of January, we solely targeted CP, and by the end of the month they were pulling 60s to trips. EoP had again proved that they could overcome any obstacle. The wilderness was to come back at the start of February, and every clan wanted to head out and be the last clan to be #1 in the bh era. We set out with around 90 people, hoping to make history, and ended up doing exactly that, going 2-1 against MM and ending the bh and pvp era with #1 F2P. The new wilderness came, and with it the rankings were reset, no-one knew who would step up and take control of the new wilderness. EoP stepped up to be that clan, defeating a CP + Fi alliance, and MM, setting the standard for the new wilderness, and beginning this new era on top. The new wilderness completely changed the way trips operated, and forced clans to either adapt or die. As there was now 50+ worlds a clan could be in in each server, the only ways to get fights were either by asking the other clan for a run-in, or planting spies in other clans. We took the initiative, placing spies and buying leaks in all our rivals, which lead to some extremely successful trips in both F2P and P2P. We started off the new wilderness as the #1 F2P clan, and we defended this spot weekend after weekend, defeating the only clan that dared to challenge our position, the Mayhem Makers. Throughout February and early March, we would dominate MM in F2P, but wouldn't be able to compete in P2P. MM were growing stronger though, and in response to our dominance, their memberlist increased by 60 people to a staggering 210 people! With their mass recruiting, they managed to pull 120+ people to trips, and things looked like they might be heading downhill until we got a lucky break. A medium sized clan called Zenith had closed, and the majority of their members and ranks applied to EoP. We pulled 125 people the Saturday after Zenith closed, equaling the record we set a year earlier when Epidemic closed. We dominated MM's massive opts with our own, cementing our place at the top of F2P. But what happened the next day was even more unexpected. For months we'd been pulling 60-70 people to P2P Sunday trips, but that Sunday, for the first time in our 5 and a half year history, EoP pulled 100 people to a P2P event. On that day we defeated both FO and MM, the top 2 P2P clans, to achieve our first ever #1 Sunday. April came and our momentum continued. Our chief rivals, the Mayhem Makers had started teaming with their allies Higher Force in order to stop us, and we found an unlikely ally in our former rival, FO. Higher Force were a zerk clan, while FO are a pure clan, putting us at an obvious disadvantage. During this time we had numerous huge 2v2 fights in P2P, with the FOEOP alliance coming on top for the majority of them. More good news came as more ex-ranks from old rivals left their clans to join EoP, including an ex-Fi co-leader, an ex-MM warlord, and an ex-CP leader and council. Coming into May and June our rivalry with MM cooled down as numerous events caused our pulls to drop below theirs. Zenith reopened, taking with them numerous core EoP members, followed by the sudden retirement of X G O O P X, who had near single handedly lead EoP for the past 2 years, due to IRL difficulties. This was a difficult few months for us, as numerous new high councils and warlords were promoted for the first time in nearly a year, as we adapted to our new leadership. Eventually what pulled the clan back together was an old and familiar enemy, Fatality. Following their anniversary their pulls had risen and due to this had started trying to get revenge for the past year of humiliation. As always, when entering a new rivalry the clan became far, far stronger, and within 2 weeks Fatality's pulls had been dropped by 20 people as we dedicated trips to hitting them wherever, even in single and in level 1 wilderness. Numerous Fatality ranks quit, and the deja vu of the CP rivalry continued as an ex-Fi High Council shared his forum account with Jonty, leading to their leader forums being exposed on our forums. With the threat of Fatality neutralized and the clan finally recovered following the loss of our leader, July was a month of growth. We continued to pound Fatality and Corrupt Pures, as well as a few newer clans who made the mistake of starting beef with us. Outrage was the primary clan guilty of this, and thus Operation Back to Battlescape was launched, aimed at annihilating them to the point of returning to their roots as a private server clan.


Leaders  Cody  Goop Milky Solo   2012 saw Milky and Solo step down after a successful year and year and a half respectively as leaders. Cody stepped up as the new face of EoP and carried the clan through a transitional phase. In the final few months before EoC, and the first few months of EoC, Goop returned to lead the clan once more.

High Council Nathan` Floor Jonty Leech Tayyab Tastemyscim     2012 as with the leaders, saw a period of transition as Jonty, Tayyab, Nathan and Tastemyscim stepped down at various times of the year. They were replaced by two people with high council experience in their previous clans, Floor (Fi) and Leech (CP), both of whom contributed that experience to helping EoP finish RS2 strongly.

Warlords Cronic Matt Cronic continued to exhibit his calling/leading abilities, particularly in P2P, while Matt stepped up and frequently led official trips and took on a major role in the clan.

2013 - 07Scape

After the dark days of EoC, EoP reopened at the announcement of the release of 07Scape by Jonty and Preschool. The two oversaw the redevelopment of EoP, the return of the forums, teamspeak, and many old members, and the design of the new direction the clan would take. A few months after the opening the pair retired and Cronic was selected to take their place, and he was later joined by Floor who shortly after retired, but came back a few months later to continue her reign. The two oversaw the beginning of a new generation of EoP, just as Goop and w0w2many did nearly 3 years earlier.

Matt was High Council with Floor upon the re-opening of EoP, and his activity, experience and particularly his calling and leading were vital cogs to EoP's early success in the new server. Following his retirement, Joey and Sean were promoted after having gained much experience and maturity in their time as lower ranks, and helped Cronic and Floor grow the clan in this new environment. Following Joey's retirement, Nathan returned to lend his vast experience and to oversee the development of the new leadership.

2014 - Old-School Runescape

2014 was a year of ups and downs for EoP. The members saw it all: From struggling to pull 30 people to events and competing with irrelevant clans like CP and RD, to peaking over 100 people and dethroning Fatality + the anti-eop alliance (pretty much the whole pure community).

The return of old officials like Leech, Matty B and Elcangry sparked up alot of hope for EoP members: The new and the old. From about September 2014 to March 2015 (January-February constant 90+ pulls to both servers), we were the undisputed #1 clan (Winning Zybez Best Pure Clan Award for the 3rd time). It wasn't until FO's reopening that we finally got competition which didn't happen until 2015.

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