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How to setup RunelitePlus for clanning

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War Calling Indicators[edit | edit source]

This plugin will show your caller on the minimap, and you can add "targets" these will appear in a different color.


Clan Man Mode[edit | edit source]

Will highlight your clanmembers


Freeze Timers[edit | edit source]

You will now know when you are unfrozen and able move again.


Multi Lines[edit | edit source]

This plugin will show you the multi lines, really helpful in fights.


Wild Locations[edit | edit source]

With this plugin you can set a hotkey, to send your location with a button. Let your clanmates know where you are!


Whale Watchers[edit | edit source]

This plugin will help you alot in fights, when your pneck breaks, you will hear a sound. And will notice you to protect item in the wilderness.

Also give warnings if your glory is out of charge.


Player Indicators[edit | edit source]

This one is very important else you will see your clan members everywhere on your screen.

Make sure to check uncheck the highlighting!



PvP Tools[edit | edit source]

RunelitePlus has a PvP feature, to hide the attack option as left click. So you won't be attacking your teammates.


Spellbook[edit | edit source]

RunelitePlus has a plugin to make your spells bigger, this comes quite handy in fights


Inventory Setup[edit | edit source]

RunelitePlus has a plugin to make you remember how your inventory and equipment should look like.

This is not really required, but can be useful if you have a hard time returning.


How it works is: Put your inventory/gear how you would like to see it again. Example: i put on my F2P Mage equipment, and inventory for how i would go to clanwars as mage.

And click on the + and name your setup to whatever you want. I named my setup to: F2P Mage Gear


Now what you want to do is put the inventory setup ON (and choose your own preferences here):



In my bank it will look like this now: