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Initials Imp
Current Status Closed
Founded Date January 2015
Founder(s) Ricky, Tim
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team Cape 16
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks AAO, Don, RC Owner, Ricky, 3at, Parviz, Alcohol, Canadian, Cassidy
Notable Members Scim, Purity, Smeq, Charlie, Droopy, Buky, Ent, renee, Zeke, Nick, Remortality, Del Sol, Faze, Zeppke, Robbyy
Clan Motto
This is Our Era

Imperial is a low level pure clan founded in January 2015 that later moved to the medium pure clan scene (MPC). Led by a stable leadership and having a strong member core, Imperial was known for being good at both clan wars and wilderness matched fights. Because of that, Imperial achieved quite a few awards during a considerable short period of time being open, and did well in clan rivalries. However, apparently, it was not enough for them to stay open and maintain consistent pulls, as a lot of members went inactive, demotivated for clanning or left which lead them to closing twice since the first day of opening.

History[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Pulled 108 to the Opening Pk Trip.
  • Clan Wars Tournament 10v10 Champions x2 (2015, 2016).
  • Clan Wars Tournament 20v20 Champions (2015).
  • Red vs Blue Winners 100v100 (2015).
  • Clan Wars Tournament 50v50 Champions (2016).
  • Clan of the Month (May 2016).
  • Clan of the Month (July 2016).
  • 10 Winning Streak (August 2016).
  • Overall Prep Record vs Rival Clan: 7- 1 (versus Rage)

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

Notable Rivalries[edit | edit source]

Controversies[edit | edit source]