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Killer Instinct

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Initials Ki
Current Status Closed
Founded Date 8 August 2015
Founder(s) 2pac, Ant & JEYES
Team Cape Number/Cape Color N/A
Clan Specialization LPC P2P Minis
Notable Ranks BUTPLAY
Notable Members Moni & Scim
Clan Motto
Fuck Around & Get Smoked

Killer Instinct was the first LPC P2P Miniwar Team formed on OSRS in late 2015, with Blackwater being the parent-company. Opening its doors with the idea of more action for the Blackwater members and to miniwar with different people.

Memberlist[edit | edit source]

  • 2pac (Longrodjim)
  • Ant (Queen)
  • BUTPLAY (Bjork)
  • Dazzled (Speciality)
  • Hex (El M1)
  • JEYES (B3rnardoX)
  • Lugia (Timmy)
  • Moni (Dredd)
  • Pjing (Rampoter)
  • Ricke (Reek)
  • Scim (Shadow)
  • Tupaaq (Camelgooch Joe)

Overview[edit | edit source]

The only member from Killer Instinct (wasn't already in BW) that joined Blackwater later on was Moni. Blackwater was interested in Scim but he became inactive so it never happened.

Videos Archive[edit | edit source]

All Miniwars: Click Here

Overall Record[edit | edit source]

  • 24 - 1