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Main Guide

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This is a comprehensive guide for mains when it comes to using various different attack styles, gear setups and various tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Gear Setups


This is the normal setup i would be using for mage, you can swap out the crystal shield for a rune kiteshield.


This is the better setup i would be using for mage, you can switch out ancient staff for a Toxic Staff Of The Dead.

Suicide Mage


This setup is extremely effective but is only good for people with PoH pool and teleports, you teleport to your house, staff spec and then use your portal. This means you have roughly 2 minutes of 50% less melee damage. Then you just barrage constantly and blow everything up until you die, this setup means you lose the least amount of money and do the maximum amount of damage to the enemy clan. This setup is also good for tank baiting which means its a lot easier for people to call off your pile.


This is a extremely cheap version of suicide mage while still having decent attack bonuses.


1) Do not ever use auto cast, use your hotkeys and click to mage. This stops you from accidentally barraging people you don't mean to and it will help you become more of an efficient Runescape player.

2) Always camp phoenix neck's when maging, you will get piled by the enemy clan a lot when you show you have mage and they will continue to pile you. Phoenix necks will always be your friend.

3) Always combo eat, shark to brew and include karambwan's if you have too.

4) Mage should never be used for DPS, so don't stand around in robes, try your best to hide your mage and only take it out to quickly mage people while hiding out of sight. This will make it harder for enemy clans to identify who's maging.

5) Don't always barrage, ice blitz is also your friend. If there's lots of clanmates near the pile, only ever blitz them.

6) Never tank in your robes, tanking in robes will get you instantly killed.

7) Practice. You will die, A LOT. Getting use to quickly switching between styles and knowing when and when not to mage will take time. Don't stop returning in mage just because you died a couple of time's.

8) Focus targets with low mage defence, like people in tank armour like torags/rune.

9) Make sure you're constantly moving around, never cast more than 1 or 2 barrages from the same spot, this will make it harder for people to call a pile on you.

10) If you're not bringing a godsword as your plus one, bring a Toxic Staff Of The Dead, the spec completely halfs all incoming melee damage for a minute and has extremely good mage bonuses.

11) Always listen for calls, callers will actively be looking for barrage piles and if one is called, make sure you blow them up.