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Welcome to Sharkbrew Clanning Wiki. A wiki resource for Clanning and Player Killing.

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Initials S
Current Status Open
Founded Date April 2014
Founder(s) 3at, Ham, Hippy, Alcher
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-17
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks 3at, Noel, Zachary, Zack, Kim, Kyle, Ham, Hebi
Notable Members Hebi, Ryan, Mustafa, VPN, Daniel, Fatall, John, Tim, Thomas, Timi, Ricky, Drag, Raz, Sage H3R0, Phil, Purity, Leen, Pieter
Clan Motto
Strength, Unity, Pride

Supremacy is a F2P and P2P based high level pure clan. Started their way through in April 2014, like most of the new clans - low leveled and F2P based. The clan is one of a few that successfully moved scenes all the way from xLPC to HPC. Supremacy had their ups and downs during its considerably short history; However never backed down and always managed to maintain a consistent wilderness performance, had a loyal leadership/elder base, it is believed that this lead all the clans that were in a rivalry with Supremacy to a closure.

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