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Randomly Featured Article:Lithuanian Pures
It is a country-based pure clan that was established in early 2005. It was founded by a group of friends as an opportunity to unite all the Lithuanian pures that had been taking over Edgeville during GMT pking times. Through out all these years LP was opened and closed several times due to updates like RWT Wilderness, the Trade update, and Oldschool Runescape. Usually, LP appeared somewhere in the middle of Pure RAW lists and charts as it was usually hard to outpull and defeat international clans. However, LP was always motivated and united which lead to winning unbelievable battles - even versus the top clans. LP was known for their unpredictability, strong low level players, a somewhat decent Clan Wars battling ability, and probably being the oldest and the only country-based clan to leave a significant mark on the pure community. (Read More...)
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