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Initials Ma
Current Status Closed
Founded Date November 2010
Founder(s) Leen, Carns
Team Cape Number/Cape Color 47
Clan Specialization P2P Pure Clan
Notable Ranks Carns, Leen, Dripz, Chilz, Braden, Fearless, iObsession, Kierann, Kakusu, Sean
Notable Members I Lonely l, Tom|F2P, Denny_jr, 2i, Non, igwased, Robbyy, Knikker
Clan Motto
Taking slaughter to the next level

Massacre was a low level Pure Clan founded in 2010 by Carns and Leen. They started off on Battlescape servers and was one of the best clans out there after the Evolution of Combat update on Runescape. Fighting and competing with such clans as Annihilation, Trilogy, Temptation, The Last Pures and Final Ownage Elite; Massacre re-opened when OSRS came out, however was not able to successfully make their way to Oldschool Runescape and closed withing a few months after re-opening.

History[edit | edit source]

Massacre is an old Runescape Clan Founded in 2010 by Carns and Leen. Massacre had its high's and low's whilst on Runescape. They took on multiple notorious RuneScape clans. They had exceptional fights against every clan. They were not well known for F2P on RuneScape, it was a small P2P clan for friends and that's where they shone. Massacre was known for having a very high quality P2P core and arguably one of the most dominant miniwar units on the game.

When EOC was released Massacre closed its doors and would not be seen again until RSPS clanning would become popular.

After closing on Runescape, Dripz and Carns decided to revive Massacre on Battlescape in late 2012. In the first few months of opening on Battlescape and adapting to the private server pure scene, They became one of, if not, the best Matched Opted clan. They had record Pk Trip pulls, peaking at 102 members one trip. They dominated clans week in week out such as Annihilation, Trilogy, Temptation, The Last Pures, Final Ownage Elite etc.. BattleScape became a great success when majority of RuneScape clans decided to move to BattleScape to continue clanning. BattleScape was the heart of pure clanning and Massacre were at thier peak, it was perfect for Massacre. Sadly Massacre closed late January 2013, this was a shock to everyone, sadly the ranks fell out and issues could not be resolved. They gave life to BattleScape. In their time of dominance on Battlescape, they closed numerous clans and slumped plenty more.

In early June 2014, KierannC H I L ZFearlessiObsession and Dripz aproached few ex-ranks about reopening Massacre, they all wanted to do it one more time. This could very well be their last run and they hoped to use it wisely, they set aside their differences and gave all ex-massacre members a second chance, a clean slate. They had the strongest leadership in the RSPS community.

Massacre and Mayhem would go head to head in many preps and pk trips gaining multiple wins on each other. This rivalry is what kept the RSPS scene strong and alive.

After the closure of Mayhem another clan raised from the dead, Dynasty. They came into the scene gunning for Massacre, they aimed to give Massacre better competition than Mayhem, it turned out not to be that way but the complete opposite. Dynasty could only win 1 F2P prep vs Massacre while Massacre would go on to win every single P2P prep until Dynastys closure.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

(2012) Highest Pull in RSPS History (102)

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

(2013) Massacre Won 100v100 Fullout vs Ambush

(2014) Last standing after 3 hour return fight vs Mayhem

(2014) Massacre Won 73v90 Fullout Vs Terminal

Notable Rivalries[edit | edit source]

vs. Mayhem

vs. Dynasty


Controversies[edit | edit source]