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Initials MF
Current Status Closed
Founded Date 1 December 2016
Founder(s) Zee Kevin, Woonskep
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-20 cape
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks Zee Kev, Woonskep,Jordon, B-Ryan, BackwoodsL, Koed Beastly, Dutch
Notable Members Zquickster, Toxin, Brandon, Caleb N, Jean O, Buckshot, Donkeyfist, Asap
Clan Motto
A True Pure Clan

<section begin="intro"></section>Misfits is a P2P based low level pure clan founded by Zee Kevin and Woonskep with the idea to embrace the low defence era of OSRS pure clanning in late 2016. They were previously officials of a closed Oldschool Runescape clan called Control. <section end="intro"></section>

History[edit | edit source]

Since the beginning, members of Misfits were driven by the idea of all the pure scene would be capped by defence (1-5) instead of combat levels.

They have settled now with Apex

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Wilderness Clan of The Month January 2017
  • Wilderness Clan of The Month April 2017
  • 70 Pull to a 6 Month Anniversary P2P Pk Trip
  • Wilderness Clan of The Month June 2017
  • Wilderness Clan of The Month July 2017

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

Notable Rivalries[edit | edit source]

With the revival of the LPC scene by 'the original 5' (Da Mafia Kingz, Fearless, Against All Odds, Redemption and Misfits) under guidance of Slushpuppy and Sybren, the new scene drew alot of attention from the HPC scene, which was the only scene around the time.

Doom was one of the clans being closed in the HPC scene and they decided to reopen as a LPC clan because of this revival. Being one of the more active and bigger pulling clans they started to claim they founded the scene and this caused alot of disturbance in the LPC community and on Sharkbrew. Despite Doom being a LPC clan they were bringing MPC accounts (5 - 20 defence) to the official trips and sometimes even preps. This resulted in alot of flame from different clans. Being offended by the way that Doom was behaving towards the scene Misfits started focussing on them during the Official P2P friday and sunday trips for consecutive weeks from this point on. With Doom & Misfits having the same high pulls, the 2 clans werent getting to much one-on-one action from the other clans. Doom decided to crash every fight and Misfits would be called by the other clans to target Doom. This continued week after week without one of the 2 bigger clans giving in.

During this time, the HPC scene started to crumble away because of the amount of mains every clan would bring. This scene noticed the fun & mutual respect LPC clans had for eachother by giving clean 1vs1 action in both the wilderness as clanwars. Eventually the HPC scene decided to join the LPC scene resulting in a united scene. Considering the fact that Doom got closed by the former HPC clan Supremacy, they were now focussed by both Misfits and Supremacy.

The once thriving clan Doom was struggling to maintain their possition and week after week their pulls started to drop. After declining preps or not showing up to accepted preps for 4 months, Zee Kevin decided it would be time close Doom and keep the LPC scene clean of 5+ defence accounts. Doom got accused by inviting multiple main and zerk teams such as Revenant to help them during the official trips and by doing this they got in a bad position in the community. Doom decided to set up a prep VS Misfits in order to regain control and show the pure community they still matter in the scene. Despite the fact that they were known for their consistancy in clan wars, Doom lost the prep vs Misfits with 2-1.

Two weeks after this prep, alot of their core members and ranks joined other clans such as Apex, Supremacy and Rage, leaving Doom behind with an unstable crew. This eventually led to the founders and leaders closing the clan. It comes without saying that the rivalry with Misfits definitely had an impact on Doom's closure.

Controversies[edit | edit source]