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Pay-to-Play Training pure at Sand Crabs

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A guide to assist you with training your F2p or P2p pure at sand crabs efficiently. This guide will try to cover most pure builds and per build a separation between cheap (but best) and expensive (but best) gear setup will be made.

Various routes are possible. The numbers depict the amount of crabs a 'crab spot' contain.

The area with sand crabs is quite populated as it is one of the best areas to train by AFK'ing (safe). Luckily the island contains many spots and P2p on its own has plenty of worlds to find a spot for your own. Every 10 minutes your character will lose automatic aggresion, but running away (indefinitely) and returning to your spot resets this behaviour.

Training inefficiently would lead you to bank more often. Your spot is vulnerable of being taken by another user you have left your spot behind it is Every time you reset the aggresion timer or went to stock up,

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Sand crabs can be found on the island "Kingdom of Great Kourend" and getting there requires not much effort. However, unlocking access to the island requires you to speak with Veos in Port Sarim first. He can be found on the northernmost deck.

Looking at the picture on the right, there are 3 ways to reach the area with sand crabs.

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