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Initials Px
Current Status Closed
Founded Date 19 August 2017
Founder(s) Lemons, Tim, Salso
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-46 cape
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks Salso, Tim, Lemons, Ari, Edgi, Spiral tribe, Moatsem, Kingboy, Horizon, BvG
Notable Members Skru, Colton, Camel
Clan Motto
Born from the Ashes, the Phoenix Always Rises

Phoenix is a F2P and P2P based low level pure clan. Started their way through in July 2017, unlike most of the new clans - low leveled and P2P based. Phoenix has a loyal  base, it is believed that this inner core with a lot of old-ranks from Redemption is very mature and confident in what they're doing - proven since 2013 this rank structure has a lot of potential within the pure community. Striving to become the most active pure community, phoenix hosts a lot of P2P midweeks, inners, tanktests and mini's - apart of the preparations against other clans, their guidelines regarding activities and action in their community are very tempting for both the pures with experience and them without.

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