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Ruin was a f2p and p2p pure clan that was predominantly founded off the core members and ranks of Zerg Unit. Beginning as an LPC and transitioning through MPC and HPC. Notably known as a strong Clan Wars performing clan during its time as a medium pure clan and known as the breakers of streaks.

Initials RU
Current Status Closed
Founded Date 20th September 2015
Founder(s) Soniqs, Ir0ny
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team Cape 47 (Red cape)
Clan Specialization Pure Clan
Notable Ranks Soniqs, Ir0ny, F0rk, Kiwis, Nick, Piers, James, Jez
Notable Members Acid, Murky, Zammy Cloak, Woonskep, Kanicus, Elder, Kev, Figment
Clan Motto
Welcome to Hell
First Prep

History[edit | edit source]

LPC History

  • First f2p prep - win versus Excel (2-1) [21st Sep 2015]
  • Opening trip [26th Sep 2015]
  • Consistent f2p prep wins, building up
  • P2P Initiation project (Focusing p2p)
  • First p2p prep - win versus Apex (2-1) [18th Dec 2015]

MPC History

  • First f2p MPC prep - win versus Apex (2-1) [7th Jan 2016]
  • Consistent 40+ pulls to p2p Fridays [Jan 2016]
  • Competing with Slaughter, Olympus and AAO in both servers [Feb-March 2015]
  • Beating Slaughter 27vs30 before their closure [10th March 2015]
  • Held #1 P2P at PCL, Preps and Wilderness trips [March-June 2016]

HPC History

  • Last MPC in existence, moved to HPC with the scene [21st Oct 2016]
  • 100 combat grind, becoming "addy daddys"
  • Focus put to preps and rebuilding, focusing Apex [
  • Ruin Officially Closed - 50 man ending memberlist [22nd Nov 2016]
10 prep win streak achieved

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Took #1 matched f2p in a 50vs50 against Doom [20th Nov 2015]
  • Breaking Doom's 28 win streak [20th Nov 2015]
  • 100th mini war win [15th Dec 2015]
  • SharkBrew Clan of the Month 3 months running [Jan 2016]
  • Achieving a 16 prep win streak [29th Jan 2016]
  • 55 pull to first p2p trip [9th Jan 2016]
  • Breaking Slaughter's 9 win streak [26th Feb 2016]
  • Breaking Rage's 9 win streak [19th May 2016]
  • Breaking Imperial's 8 win steak [1st Sep 2016]
  • Reclaiming #1 matched f2p in a 45vs45 against Imperial [1st Sep 2016]
  • 1 Year Anniversary - 125 pull [25th Sep 2016]
2v2 Fullout

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

  • Ruin (LPC) vs Supremacy (HPC) f2p prep win (2-1) [12th Nov 2015]
  • 80 man pull to f2p Saturday trip [15th Nov]
  • F2P Full-Out Victory - MPC+HPC 2v2 (Ruin+Supremacy vs. Olympus+Corrupt Pures) [Dec 2015]
  • 6 Month Anniversary trip - 85 pull [20th March 2016]
  • Ruin (MPC) vs Supremacy (HPC) in p2p (2-1) [22nd April 2016]
  • Ruin vs Apex f2p 30vs30 SharkBrew Cup (3-0) [11th June 2016]
  • P2P Full-out Victory versus Special Forces (50vs70) [9th July 2016]
  • 110 pull to Saturday f2p trip [14th Aug 2016]
  • Ruin vs Critical Damage 25vs25 f2p perfected (1-0) [22nd Aug 2016]
  • 80 pull to Saturday f2p trip [4th Sep 2016]
  • 65 pull to Friday p2p trip [17th Sep 2016]
  • F2P Full-out Loss versus FOE (MPC vs HPC) (0-3) [25th Sep 2016]
  • Ruin vs Fatality f2p prep (3-0) [11th Nov 2016]
  • Ruin vs Olympus final f2p prep (3-0) [17th Nov 2016]

Notable Rivalries[edit | edit source]

TO be continued...

Ruin vs Olympus (LPC, MPC and HPC)

Ruin vs Apex (MPC, HPC)

Ruin vs Slaughter (MPC)

Ruin vs Rage (MPC)

Controversies[edit | edit source]