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Initials S
Current Status Open
Founded Date April 2014
Founder(s) 3at, Ham, Hippy, Alcher
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-17
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks 3at, Noel, Zachary, Zack, Kim, Kyle, Ham, Hebi
Notable Members Hebi, Ryan, Mustafa, VPN, Daniel, Fatall, John, Tim, Thomas, Timi, Ricky, Drag, Raz, Sage H3R0, Phil, Purity, Leen, Pieter
Clan Motto
Strength, Unity, Pride

Supremacy is a F2P and P2P based high level pure clan. Started their way through in April 2014, like most of the new clans - low leveled and F2P based. The clan is one of a few that successfully moved scenes all the way from xLPC to HPC. Supremacy had their ups and downs during its considerably short history; However never backed down and always managed to maintain a consistent wilderness performance, had a loyal leadership/elder base, it is believed that this lead all the clans that were in a rivalry with Supremacy to a closure.

History[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • F2P Full-Out Victory versus Fatality (100vs98) September 2016
  • 70 Pull to a One-Year Anniversary Pk Trip
  • CWT 10v10 Champions 2014
  • MPC+HPC 2v2 Full-Out Victory (Supremacy+Ruin vs. Corruput Pures+Olympus) (Dec 2015)
  • 101 Pull to a Two-Year Anniversary Pk Trip
  • Combo-Breaker (FOE's Streak) September 2016
  • Clan of the Month June 2015
  • Clan of the Month November 2016
  • Combo-Breaker (FOE's Streak) December 2016
  • Clan of the Month December 2016
  • Clan of the Month January 2017
  • Clan of the Month March 2017

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

Due to a close community, every now and then Supremacy holds various community bond-building events.

  • Obby maul wars
  • King of the Hill and other ClanWars events
  • Mass PvM Boss killing
  • Games Room Tournament
  • Castle Wars event
  • 3v3 F2p/P2p Tournament
  • Fire Blast Christmas Event 2016 (3v3; 100v100)

Notable Rivalries[edit | edit source]

Doom was a new HPC in the scene, coming out of the MPC scene where they dominated and pretty much had no competition. Unfortunately, one day in April 2016, Doom got into a disagreement with Supremacy over a P2P prep and initiated a rivalry. From this point on, Supremacy made a considerable effort to focus on Doom every single consecutive weekend in the wilderness for about 3 months. Because of the fact and other possible factors like unmotivated leaders and core members, their memberbase and leadership started wobbling, eventually slumping them from 70 active members to less than 30. Supremacy took this rivalry very seriously, recruited a lot of new members, had a lot of experienced people working on the clan and their leaks in Doom to not miss any opportunities to hit the rival clan in the wilderness. Even though Doom were believed to have had a better performance in clan wars, they eventually closed with members citing various irreparable differences, reasons and disinterest in Runescape all-together. It comes without saying that the rivalry with Supremacy definitely had an impact on Doom's closure.

Trauma was an LPC open around the same time Supremacy was an LPC. As Supremacy was the most dominant LPC at that time Trauma decided to focus on Supremacy to try claim the #1 spot. Although Supremacy frequently came out with victories in Clanwars/Wildernes fights, Trauma did put up a good fight but eventually gave up when they closed in late 2014.

Controversies[edit | edit source]

In November, 2016 Supremacy competed with Final Ownage Elite for the Clan of the Month. At this time, FOE seemed unbreakable for any clan that stood in their way. Even though Supremacy scored the most points (+0,25) that month, it had been decided to fight for the title. With the situation generating a lot of attention and discussions, Supremacy came out with the victory breaking FOE's 19 winning streak.