Team Alpha

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Initials TA
Current Status Closed
Founded Date -
Founder(s) War 0 Chief
Team Cape Number/Cape Color N/A
Clan Specialization P2P Miniwars
Notable Ranks War 0 Chief, Gf Nerd Jeff
Notable Members Luffy, Get Good Son, Nik
Clan Motto
The date "-" was not understood.

Team Alpha was a P2P Miniwar team created by War 0 Chief that operated for a part of 2015 before going inactive.


All-Time Memberlist

  • Get Good Son
  • Gf Nerd Jeff
  • Hawz
  • Jordai
  • Lil Hans
  • Liev2
  • Luffy
  • Nik
  • War 0 Chief


  • First appearance of some miniwarrers that went on to be prominent figures in the team/p2p scene today.

Notable Events

Notable Rivalries