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The Last Pures

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Initials TLP
Current Status Closed
Founded Date February 2006
Founder(s) Bow of Sonic, X M1l1tant X, Eye Of Soron, Finnald
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-27
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks
Notable Members undisclosed
Clan Motto
Quality over Quantity

The Last Pures was a HPC clan who excelled in matched quality and consistently strong performances at the highest levels of pure clanning. In recent history, they were among the most powerful forces in f2p clanning in pure clanning history, with an undefeated streak of nearly a year in both f2p wilderness and matched clan wars. Characterized by impressively high combat averages and fearless attitudes, TLP maintained a thoroughly competitive status during their time on Oldschool, losing almost none of their many rivalries in their time.

History (2009-2015)[edit | edit source]

Starting to establish a legacy since opening, TLP officially blew the matched competition once 2009 hit. Better known for their P2P quality back then, the clan Motto "Quality over Quantity" started to become very apparent. Starting the year of 2009, Dv (Devastation) started to openly challenge TLP's rise resulting in 2 full-outs with 2 victories for TLP. Leaving Devastation far behind, TLP started to aim for higher grounds at a more consistent level. The top P2P clan at the time being FOE was the next target for TLP, now recognized as one of the more dominating clans in the game in P2P. Both clans having the best pulls late 2009 for P2P, FOE and TLP decided to start fighting each other much more, resulting in TLP getting upset after a loss against FOE. Both clans hit at each other until March 2010 where TLP started to have a slight decline in pull.  During this time though, TLP was able to achieve the status of best matched clan of 2010 winning F2P preps and P2P preps against every clan constantly, only ever contested by EOP on F2P.

History (2015-2016)[edit | edit source]

Reopening in 2015 after a previous closure on Oldschool 2 years prior, TLP initially struggled to compete and was near the low end of the HPC bracket. Additionally, a recently gone HPC clan, Supremacy, claimed the Team-27 cape as their own. Early fights vs Zerg Unit, Supremacy, & Leet Tactics proved The Last Pures were competitive, but not at the highest levels of competition. Not long into their rebirth, Fatality's then High-Council openly provoked The Last Pures & their current status near the bottom, prompting a sharp increase in activity and numbers. Pulls increased from 40 to 60 and higher as TLP rose to Fight Fatality during weekend trips. After two weeks, Fatality stepped down from their position and TLP continued to rise to the top.

At this time FOE was the undisputed #1 all aspects considered. Given recent events TLP, now arguably #2 did not accept this state of events and openly challenged Final Ownage in all modes of play. Despite a largely uneven clan wars record vs FOE, TLP proved highly competitive in the Wilderness, outright beating FOE in F2P wild and directly contesting in P2P. FOE, who were in a position to lose their claimed throne, began to disappear from F2P Wilderness and attempted to hold onto their P2P Titles. With no preps being given to TLP and with the supposed attitude that they were 'hiding', TLP considered FOE all but broken and openly flamed and attacked them for this behavior for the duration of their existence.

Months passed and The Last Pures were beginning to pull away from the rest of the HPCs with a very large F2P clan wars streak, in addition to their fearsome F2P wilderness trips. Shortly after FOE began to fade, Corrupt Pures attempted to make their mark with multiple impressive triple digit pulls. Using nearly every underhanded tactic in the book, from Mains, mass invites, and teaming with other clans, CP managed to directly contest TLP for a good few months, albeit this came with a price - their numerical advantage was often not enough. Despite their higher opts, they did not hold, and eventually dropped from 100 pulls back to 40. TLP, consistently pulling 60-70, moved on.

Confident in their abilities to directly compete in P2P, as well as being undoubtedly #1 in F2P, TLP declared a Fullout vs FOE in F2P. As the community watched, FOE declined, and a leaderboard leak confirmed to many that FOE's leadership and ability was questioned to be able to stand against TLP. With the JCup looming, TLP looked poised to potentially kill off FOE for good, who had been all but non existent for the past couple months and appeared to be on the verge of closing depending on the outcome. A F2P prep, the only prep between FOE and TLP in months, resulted in a flat out 3-0 stomp in TLP's favor. Jagex ruled that there was to be no F2P Pure Fullout, and only a P2P, with both TLP and FOE in the same bracket semi-final. In a shocking turn of events, FOE managed to pull through from a 7 man deficit and defeat TLP to the surprise of both TLP and the pure community. While this was a blow to TLP's ego, their reign on HPC clanning was maintained.

After previous events, Sovereign moved up to HPC, looking to seize an opportunity on a potentially weak TLP. With massive pulls, massive mains, and a generally no-honor attitude towards clanning, SV initially opened with the intent to clear another clan, EOP, but then focused TLP. While Sovereign managed to last some months longer than CP, their behavior got the best of them in several circumstances, being unable to fight TLP in clan wars, being caught in multiple GWAS events on consecutive weekends, and losing a record 21 hour return fight, The Last Pures continued onward and maintained their place atop pure clanning. As February loomed, TLP began to mass for their 10th year anniversary trip, pulling a record high 125 members, with notable oldschools showing or giving their support such as Finnald and Hiei the Pk. In an incredible showing, TLP took on SV+FOE 125v140 and defeated the duo in under 10 minutes, cementing their status as the elite F2P clan.

Unfortunately, internal strife began to get the best of the clan. TLP Leader Hanuman was forcibly removed by the other LB ranks, deciding that his behavior and attitude were not conducive to an environment they wanted to lead. The circumstances surrounding the removal, and the subsequent changes afterward led to a split in the TLP community, with many not agreeing with the decision to remove Hanu, or implement leaders that had been arguably inactive/not instrumental in TLP's dominance prior. Despite this, the clan kept itself together, as a previously neutral clan, EOP, pulled high and sought to outright beat TLP in the wilderness. Facing off vs EOP in a 90v90 Saturday, TLP outlasted EOP in a dominating fashion, keeping ahold of their status for the time being.

The strife continued. Many pivotal members and ranks within TLP were disappointed with the state of Pure Clanning, believing many of the other clans unworthy of fighting, or simply a waste of time. Pulls dropped and ranks were largely inactive as the rift created in the community during the initial removal of their Leader continued to grow. With some members vocalising that others were not wanted within the clan, and others simply fading away to Main clans or disappearing, pulls dropped. Shocking losses to EOP in the Sharkbrew Tournament, a 0-3 to Fatality, and low pulls in the wild contributed to the decline of morale. As the ranks sought to end on a high note, the members were largely oblivious to the leaderboard intentions to end at this time.

After consecutive P2P clanwars wins against FOE, and another F2P victory, TLP closed the following day on a perceived high note, shocking its own community as well as all of pure clanning. Current leaders voiced that they were tired of the game and given the clans low state after such a marathon streak, this was the supposed best way to close out. Much of the TLP community became incredibly vocal with the decision, stating that this was not the time to close, and the clan had more to accomplish. Sadly, this was not to be. After an attempted reinstatement of former leaders that left earlier, the TLP community could not come together on what version of TLP they wanted open. Regardless of new, or old, the members could not come to an agreement either with each other or with the Leaders that still wanted to stay open.

Despite the odds, a new leaderboard was promoted,opening TLP once more a few days later. This result was catastrophic, with many of the vocal community voicing so strongly for the clan to remain open simply disappearing after the changes. After some weeks of shaky performances and lack of any competitive pull in the wilderness, those still in TLP were left with a very profound lack of what once was, and opted to close again, and for good.

TLP remains closed, having left its mark on pure clanning as the undisputed force of F2P and an overall highly competitive force.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • XX win streak in Sharkbrew COTM
  • 130 pulls on YY Date
  • 21 hour return fight vs Sovereign - Won
  • 3-0 vs Doom Down 7

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

Notable Rivalries[edit | edit source]

Controversies[edit | edit source]