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Initials UB
Current Status Closed
Founded Date September 28th, 2016
Founder(s) Hanuman, Braden, Tyendinaga, K2P, pizy, Light Mayhem, Commander
Team Cape Number/Cape Color Team-48 cape
Clan Specialization Pure
Notable Ranks Hanuman, Braden, Tyendinaga, K2P, pizy, Light Mayhem, Commander
Notable Members
Clan Motto
Low Morals, High Morale

History[edit | edit source]

Part 1: HPC

The Beginning

Unbreakable was created on September 28th, 2016. Unbreakable was built off of a few friends from previous known clans such as Mayhem Makers and The Last Pures. It had started off with reminiscing how fun pure clanning was and how exciting it would be to have our own clan. After a day of joking around with clan capes and the name of a clan, it was set in stone that Unbreakable will be the clan name. Not knowing what the future has in store, both forums and a Teamspeak had been released to the public to create their forum accounts and intro to the clan. Despite a previous clan break-down between numerous TLP leadership members including both Braden and Hanuman, both took reigns as Leaders (and Founders) of the clan, accompanied by hand-picked ranks to assist. Word of Unbreakable spread through the community and Unbreakable were achieving unimaginable accomplishments for a non-legacy pure clan, which is very difficult to uphold in the current pure community. Unbreakable were able to record over 100 members actively on the website while reaching a 70 man memberlist. For the first few weeks of being open, we participated in numerous midweek player killing to continue building a strong roster to finally begin official weekend trips.

Founding Leadership




High Council





Andrew (Malcriado)

Our First Rivalry

Unbreakable set out on the 12th of November 2016 for our first official Saturday trip, pulling 45 members. Picking up where we left off, destroying numerous clans such as Rage, Final Ownage Elite, Supremacy and Olympus. The following weeks of trips were deemed lack-luster as competitiveness besides clan wars were not present as we were dominant in our bracket of pulls, in both clan wars and wilderness. In an unlikely course of events, a Zerker and Tank clan known as Revenant had begun to target Unbreakable due to a fight we had on a midweek. This further lead to a 7.5 hour return fight at GDZ and being camped by Revenant on our pk trips. At this time, Unbreakable was accepting 30 defence so even at low level wilderness, their zerkers and tanks were able to successfully hit us. At this time, numerous members; Cr3w, Finest, Llama and Zach were all promoted to Council while Kingston, Ricky and Vilchez were promoted to Officer, further assisting the current leadership in our new founded enemies. As Revenant's pulls increased to over 25 for both F2P and P2P Trips and word got out that a clan known as Eruption of Pures were giving Revenant Unbreakable's locations on trips to camp us, Unfortunately for Revenant, our memberbase were up for the cause and stood their ground against Revenant. Despise what the community had thought of us, we had made it very clear to stay away from us when we're fighting Revenant as we decided to take mains to our trips to only kill their zerkers and tanks. With support from the pure community, we were able to successfully dominate and remove Revenant from participating in pure events. This further lead to Revenant becoming a main clan, declaring Unbreakable the winners.


Furthermore, trips continued back to normal and Unbreakable were able to resume back to normal trips without mains and continue to pk as normal. Fast-tracked to January, unfortunately for Unbreakable, both Braden and Andrew had resigned from their positions and not long after, the HPC scene had begun to become less entertaining. Unlike other legacy clans, Unbreakable were unable to call upon old members to help in a time of need, meaning the current members and ranks had to fight through the inevitable death of the HPC scene. Preps between clans had slowly decreased as clans were no longer happy with the scene, a large growth of mains returned to trips and the defence cap had been raised up to 39 defence, leaving competitiveness between clans nonexistent. During this time, a new movement of 1 defence has started and clans named themselves as "LPC Clans". Unbreakable had setout on the 16th of January for their last ever HPC trip and just a bit over a week later, transitioned into a LPC clan. Unbreakable ended their Clan Wars dominance with 13 wins and 5 losses in both F2P and P2P and deemed the winner of COTM for January before a tie-breaker was called for after we went LPC, even after beating the runner-up twice in the month.

Quoted from Hanuman

Unbreakable was founded first and foremost to have fun on runescape. Since opening, it has quickly became evident that the old HPC scene we were looking forward to participating in was no longer the same. The problems the HPC scene has cannot be fixed without an exhaustive amount of changes not only in what types of accounts these clans consist of but also the mentality of the clan leaders.

I'll be the first to admit that Unbreakable has not been doing well lately. We have exceptional quality but our pulls are very low. We are a new clan so we do not have an old memberbase to rely on and because the HPC scene is so bad right now it is nearly impossible to even recruit people into the community. If they arent turned off by the 39 defence they are turned off by the endless mains at every trip. With oldschool runescape at its highest player base ever, it should not be this hard to get pures into our clanning scene.

Aside from preps, events arent even that fun anymore. We have pulled 20, 30, 40, and even 50, but nothing captured that magic we had before. Not until we made these low level accounts.

With all that said, Unbreakable is officially moving to the LPC combat bracket. We hope one day the LPC bracket turns into what the HPC bracket is supposed to be and pure clanning makes it's return as the most fun, most active, and most action packed clanning scene. Let's really make runescape great again.

Part 2: LPC

LPC Leadership





High Council






Light Mayhem





A New Beginning

Unbreakable started their LPC journey the same way they started with HPC. For the first month of being an LPC, UB established themselves as one of the most active clans by actively pking for up to 6 hours in a day, sometimes even hosting more than 5 pk trips in a day. February 11th, 2017 had finally come and Unbreakable's first official LPC Pk Trip started with a bang, setting out with 50 members and gwassing an LPC clan known as Special Forces at Al-Kharid. Weeks had passed and Unbreakable had taken the LPC scene by storm, almost instantly showing their dominance in preps and the wildy while slowly improving their pulls week by week through constant recruitment from the leadership. A little rivalry between Unbreakable and Special Forces had developed but ended after Special Forces closing into Doom due to slumping. March had arrived where Sharkbrew hosted an LPC tournament consisting of 10v10 F2P+P2P, 30v30 F2P+P2P and 50v50 F2P+P2P fights between clans. Unbreakable were deemed as the 10v10 F2P+P2P, 30v30 P2P and 50v50 P2P champions while losing in the finals in both 30v30 and 50v50 F2P finals. During this time, both Light Mayhem and K2P were both promoted to High Council while Alex|Ar u there, Newcomer and Dave were all promoted to Mentor (previously known as Officer).

A New Enemy

During the sharkbrew tournament, a clan known as Olympus had begun to disrespect Unbreakable, further provoking Unbreakable into a rivalry. With comments from OP's leader Hunter; "[Sun 4:40:08pm ] [OP]Hunter: seems like you're running as always" Ignited a fire in Unbreakable which changed the clans course forever. Unbreakable were able to maintain 45-50 man pulls to both F2P and P2P for the upcoming months while establishing a very dominant clanwars record defeating numerous clans such as Final Ownage Elite, Misfits, Fearless, Critical Damage, Olympus and defeating Doom in our first ever 50v50+ F2P Prep, winning 3-0. Deeming Unbreakable the Clan of The Month in both March and April. Mid-April, after forcing Olympus to cancel trips and have F2P trips instead of P2P trips, Unbreakable released Olympus's leaderboards to the public, completely embarrassing the leadership and members by exposing the stupidity of Olympus's leadership. This further lead to Olympus's final trip on the 13th of May, where they struggled to pull 30 while Unbreakable had peaked at 55 members completely demoralizing what was left. Olympus later closed on the 16th of May stating they could no longer proceed as a clan due to being "busy irl". Funny enough, 2/3 leaders are in seperate LPC clans and one is leading the clans trips still to this date. Rivalry was officially over and Unbreakable deemed winners. That's all friends.

One man's trash is another man's treasure

During the rivalry with Olympus, the HPC scene had officially ended with the last HPC clans, Apex, Eruption of Pures, Final Ownage Elite, Rage and Supremacy becoming official LPC clans and joining the 1 defence movement. In a time where Unbreakable had begun to further progress to near 60 man pulls, the dream had come to a halt as many multi-clanners were in Unbreakable while their original clan was a HPC. This time Unbreakable was able to withstand the loss of members unlike HPC as they we had built our own new core from solely recruiting ingame and were very successful. As Unbreakable admittedly were unable to compete with the higher pulling clans at the time (EOP and FOE), Unbreakable continued to show their dominance in both F2P and P2P through matched clan wars fights and winning May's Clan of The Month for the 4th month in a row. Without any real rivalries vs clans, we were unable to maintain our 50+ man pulls, leaving us an easy target for any clan to pounce. A clan known as Rage had a great boost in members as both Olympus and Redemption both closed their clans roughly the same time and encouraged their members to join Rage. With Unbreakable pulling 40's and the previous rivalry between UB and OP, it was only fit for Rage to target Unbreakable to continue their hype train. Unfortunately for Rage, yet again we were able to rise to the occasion. In the month of June, Unbreakable reached out to previous members, recruited new members, poached members from other clans while also having Braden return as Leader. With a Leaderboard fully committed to reignite the fire in Unbreakable, has lead to even more accomplishments such as a record breaking 171 members on the website, a 127 man Memberlist, 85 active users on teamspeak, 55 man pulls to F2P, 65 man pulls to P2P and managing to pull 62 people to a F2P Prep. While Unbreakable strives to break 60 man pulls for F2P to be able to compete with Rage's 70 man pulls, Unbreakable completely has embarrassed Rage in P2P by out-muscling them in every aspect.

~to be continued~

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