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    PreGains got a reaction from Derek for a status update, The real reason I was kicked was because yesterday Jez came into the music chan about   
    The real reason I was kicked was because yesterday Jez came into the music chan about an hour or so into me playing music on my music bot. (My mexican party music playlist) He told me to play real music or he'd abuse is powers and ban my music bot for an hour. I told him I'd tell BvG if he did. He didn't have to come in the channel, he could leave. After he banned me, I took to the CC and asked to unban. People asked why, I told them about Jez, and people started getting into talking about power abuse, and how Jez was a snake. So I agreed and replied with how I came on to TS one time and Jez & Zertix were yelling at each other because an account Jez sold Zetrix was banned. Jez pulled me into a channel, laughing, and was talking about how he recovered the account from Zetrix and took his stuff, but in the process the account was actually banned. He thought I'd have some sorta chuckle, but I told him it was fucked up how he'd do that to someone in OP teamspeak. His only reply was that Hunter told him to do it. After saying all this in CC, I was pulled into a channel with Godly and Jez and Godly told me not to say those things in the public cc because new recruits will see that and it'd give Olympus a bad name. I told him that actually doing those sort of things gives Olympus a bad name, not me telling it how it is. Yes Olympus DDoS and Jez has a long reputation of recovering accounts on player auctions as well. It's known by ranks, yet nothing is done. The next day, I was banned.
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