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Found 1 result

  1. Season one of Diablo 4 has brought more content for players to clear through with the introduction of Malignant Tunnels. These highly-farmable dungeon variants offer players the best way to get on powerful Malignant Hearts. There are six Malignant Tunnels in total, but some are worth spending more time in than others. To help streamline players' farming, we've compiled a Season 1 Malignant Tunnel Tier List based on monster density, layout structure, and objective complexity! S Tier: Best Malignant Tunnels - Bedevilled Grotto Besides having the best name of the Malignant Tunnels, the Bedeviled Grotto generally features the ideal layouts and heavy mob densities, providing high amounts of XP. The enemies in the Bedeviled Grotto are mostly Serpent Cult members and Nangari creatures, including a Malignant Elite Nangari named Alcanthe. This is one of the longest Malignant Tunnels in the game but offers a lot of rewards in XP and Malignant Hearts to make it a worthwhile endeavor. A Tier: Great Malignant Tunnels - Fissure of Malice Fissure of Malice is in the southwestern part of The Pallid Glade in Diablo 4's Fractured Peaks region, just south of Nostrava. This Malignant Tunnel requires a Devious Malignant Invoker and has a decent variety of enemies such as undead, Iron Clan, and more. In the objectives for the Tunnel, players will need to slay two Malignant Ghouls, Rakka and Shakka, which often are located pretty far away from each other and can require quite a bit of tedious exploration to find them depending on the randomization of its layout. B Tier: Average Malignant Tunnels - Dindai Hollow Dindai Hollow is a great Malignant Tunnel for farming lots of XP and Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4. It is located in the Dry Steppes region, in the western part of Dindai Flats, but sadly it is not within very easy reach of any waypoint. This dungeon features a heavier focus on Elite Enemies at the beginning of the Malignant Tunnel, which is helpful for farming, and has a fairly short layout overall that makes it easy to run multiple times while a player is in the area. C Tier: Subpar Malignant Tunnels - Ravening Pit This Tunnel in the eastern portion of Untamed Scarps in Dry Steppes requires a Brutal Invoker and has a Dungeon objective "Slay 2 Elites," which gives even better odds for farming as the Elite enemies are a good way to get additional Malignant Hearts. But if they are not Wrathful Elites, the player needs to leave and reset the Tunnel and try again. While the layout of this Tunnel makes it generally pretty easy to do this, this will still waste some of your time. D Tier: Worst Malignant Tunnels - The Boiling Wound and Den of Blighted The Boiling Wound Malignant Tunnel is located in the southeastern part of the Frigid Expanse in the Fractured Peaks, just east of Malnok, which makes it pretty quick to reach from several of the waypoints in the area. Players will need a Devious Malignant Invoker for this Tunnel, but it is great when someone is short on time. Diablo 4's Den of the Blighted is a Malignant Tunnel in the southern part of the Dismal Foothills in the Hawezar region and requires a Vicious Malignant Invoker. Unfortunately, this Tunnel simply doesn't have anything very impressive about it, and its mob density is lower than other Tunnels, making it more of a time sink than anything. Den of the Blighted has a larger variety of enemies, both normal and elites, which can help to mix things up some, but otherwise, it just doesn't seem as good for farming as the others. What's your favorite Malignant Tunnel on the list? Let us know in the comments below! For more info about Diablo 4 season 1, please browse U4gm.com. Also, you can get cheap and safe D4 Boosting services here, including Power Leveling, Gear Collecting, PvP Building, and more!
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