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  2. It’s ok to admire us secretly @Yaz but we both know you’re too dumb and to do anything other than scream ‘we’re bringing it back’ on top of corp - then lose lmfao. There’s a reason I demoted you in legacy.

    1. wuu2


      there's a reason why cd is the worst lpc open right now

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  4. Eztocrypt

    midweek APOCALYPSE Mid-Week PK Trip FT. RD,Outbreak & VD

    All I know is APOC ON MY CHEST BABY!
  5. gf If u watch the entire video outrage has 30 people always even when Vd got a kill that’s why we wanted ko rounds. Probably wouldn’t have changed outcome too much but regardless was fun action
  6. They rushed with 12 and then the guy calling decided to call a telly even opts Roflll
  7. What drugs did you take tonight?
  8. your fight vs RD the pov ends middle of fight and then u randomly fighting a other clan at other place. looks like a fake pov, pm me to make 20m/trip instead
  9. "The boys in red & Blue" my god this is a masterpiece gratz @Eztocrypt
  10. Ezto cringeee topic I ever seen in my life. Fuck all that info is incorrect lmfao jesus

    midweek APOCALYPSE Mid-Week PK Trip FT. RD,Outbreak & VD

    Lmao gf guys!
  12. Today the red & black goons of 308 Massed up for a casual pk trip in world 308, but seeing how the wilderness was dead we got in touch with the boys in blue (Redemption) for a late night PK-Run in. We massed A total of 28 members & defended Barbarian Village, Initially Redemption hit us with 23 of their own, but the power of the Apocalypse was to much for them to handle forcing them to evacuate east into Varrock resulting in A full Clear. Soon after we set set up A PKRI with Outbreak at fog to help avoid getting crashed. With A strong scim push Apocalypse was up 22V19 Before inevitably getting crashed by Vendetta. Overall the action was great & NOXSHITS was no where to be found. Good Job Team! Also Stay tuned for an exclusive Prep between Noxious & Apocalypse! We are taking things to the next level. Interested in joining one of the best xLpc clans?! Join Clan Chat "AP RS" in game! Requirements: 70+ Range/70+mage & 70+ Strength. Team-49 Cape/48+Combat. Tired of you're clan treating you like just A +1 or hate one of you're ranks? PM -> Eztocrypt#5495 Via Discord to anonymously leak you're clans locations for 10m Each weekend.(Secure & easy)
  13. noxi quality 




    weekend Redemption Battles AND Clears Clan Apocalypse+Vendetta in a 20v32 at Barbarian Village

    Not once have you pmed any of our ranks for a 60 cb prep lmfao
  15. propaganda topic apoc looked like they smoked rd all day redemption asking other clans for 60cb prep, prep vendetta 60 cb cap
  16. gratz, pm me to spy , paying big 10-20m/trip
  17. We were in multi throughout the whole fight watch the video.
  18. Yeah if you count those 6 not being in discord but randoms sure. Either way we pushed you to singles and our council called a telly out being a 18v18 and called a regroup of bridge lmao dumbest thing ever @Eztocrypt
  19. Forsaken

    Bent (New to Sharkbrew)

  20. did vendetta lose everything today? they got smoked by outrageand then went with another clan and lost again lmfao
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