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  2. Get your ass back in the game nigga
  3. announcement Clarifications about the community watch list

    So like an inefficient RSJustice for pure community lol
  4. Outbreak + Rampage MERGE

    boc > DOS @Canadian @tdoe
  5. Today
  6. pkri Renegades vs Avalon

    gz renegades
  7. Outbreak + Rampage MERGE

    gud intel
  8. come scam me im rich irl anyway
  9. when rahul was banned from mf I told apex what he did and they still let him join and he scammed someone there
  10. Outbreak + Rampage MERGE

    LOOOOOOOL @Singles Trip
  11. lol to every nerd who voted friday or saturday. Oh and eu will win obv
  12. EoP vs ApeX mini 2-1 Sets x1 perf

    heck yes
  13. Outbreak + Rampage MERGE

    Ascent isnt there btw.
  14. Outbreak + Rampage MERGE

    and your team (purge) is still a rev team with 20 level 70s LMA0
  15. Outbreak + Rampage MERGE

  17. Outbreak + Rampage MERGE

    dead on site? what site? sharkbrew? youtube? hmmm
  18. announcement Clarifications about the community watch list

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