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  2. so eop is gunna also do this for p2p right cuz this isnt an excuse to run away in f2p? nice saturday topic last week
  3. Pure community civil war

    Acting as if Eop never done the same exact brown sticky stuff...
  4. A sea of green expect it

  5. Im hosting a midget throwing contest soon ill keep you updated

  6. Yesterday
  7. EOP vs PX 20v20 P2P Mini 3-0

    u my friend are broccolied go outside your on rs way to much
  8. I dont understand why anyone would change their name to "claws4kop" doesn't make sense at all
  9. Feels good to be undefeated in P2p Preps rounds in 2k18 21-0

  10. If it were any EOP rank in Phil's EXACT position (including his motive) I honestly and wholeheartedly believe the consequences would be different than that of what Phil received. With that being said, I believe that it isn't fair. Any thoughts?
  11. Pure community civil war

    Who cares as long aao is #2
  12. Pure community civil war

    Eop very good guys
  13. Ah yes doom winners nothing new
  14. When FOM are bullied so much on 07 they hide in tourny worlds for inners to hide from EOP and still get crashed l000l

    nice 10 man pull btw losers l00l @holydreams way to go buddy

  15. 3.4k subs youtube account for sale.

    new joke tho ngl
  16. 3.4k subs youtube account for sale.

    I'll give you three hairs plucked straight from my taint.
  17. Holy my cock is so long and skinny. Bless the lord for giving me a long skinny cock 

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    2. Toronto Hoodman

      Toronto Hoodman

      bro that doesnt even make any sense

    3. Shaka Zulu

      Shaka Zulu

      Lemme get a little nibble on it yum yum

    4. Lankz


      Skinny nigga but my dick long 

  18. EOP vs PX 20v20 P2P Mini 3-0

    u offered me px locs for free doggy
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