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  2. pulled 30 last prep but okay lmao
  3. we're not talking about me nor IR.(& u haven't said anything to make me act defensive) We're talking about your clan which you claim is not slumping. On your last point; once again, YOUR pulls for preps; are definitely nowhere near 30
  4. lmao who are u even? You claim ur not ir but every1 time i talk about ir u go defence mode??? and also, ive legit only seen ir pull over 30 in a prep once dawg
  5. ur preps are big minis & ur pull has been below 30 since ur rage members left for px. You're essentially a snipe team in the weekends & nonexistent in the midweeks.
  6. Supremacy has never slumped ever u dum fuk
  7. Wtf James join EoP nice to see you around dude
  8. Apex VS Misfits - P2P Mini [4-0] ft. Perfection & 2v2

    Good tanking @Asap GJ Apex
  9. Today
  10. Yours is in a slump right now bro. i wouldn't be going around jinxing myself if i were you. rofl
  11. yo is this kid serious? ur clan has been in longest slump in the history of pure clanning l0l0l0
  12. extra rounds dosent count as another prep right
  13. Lmfao @Mustafa piping up on another clans thread just to get shot down like the terrorist he is
  14. wtf is this sharkbrew , cant find anything

  15. Good job Fatality!
  16. Your clan has been open 3+ and hasnt done anything memorable stfu hostility
  17. Hey bro they atleast fight us in p2p and can pull over 25 on a 30 minute notice unlike your clan. Pretty sure you don't even pull that to weekends anymore despite having misfits with you on saturdays too lmao! Gf @hotkeying @.Zo Unlike the score says it was actually very close most rounds hope to keep doing these!
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