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  2. guy should go zerk or make another pure tbf.
  3. I think we should keep it 1-25 def
  4. what a great time to be alive
  5. supremacy man... really taking the direction of going no honor 100% now lol... cmon stop acting like fucking children holy shit
  6. is it 39 def time again
  7. I think one of the biggest issues in clans is gatekeeping. How are we going to expand our community if people keep rejecting those who we perceive as inferior? 35 def may seem inferior to you but to me I see that as an opportunity to bring that person into the clan world. Who knows? Maybe they might be inspired to make an actual pure account or at least what we perceive as "pure." Honestly you should stop taking the game so seriously and have some fun.
  8. Take what they can get, we dowm mains anyways, so 35 def wont be a problems on saturdays. Rage #1
  9. Just add Sam in the yes category lol
  10. After being declined from Rage for applying with a 35 defence account, it looks like baldy/profuse is going to be accepted into Supremacy. After then going to Supremacy, here's what the ranks had to say about his app:     with the only voice of reason being the member rank, Lucky Egg 
  11. https://gyazo.com/e79a4700a8b1fd0576b39375ca8bd517 open this to see cute luv :3
  12. go recruit stop looking at my topics
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