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  2. Enjoy your little victory of killing 4 members and 3 applicants. Gl Sunday bud. If you thought last week was bad, just wait
  3. Who should challenge FOE next??

    i voted other for chinaman army
  4. announcement Sharkbrew P2P Tournament Poll LPC

    "Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It's about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others' success, and then standing back and letting them shine." REEEEEEEEEEEELed
  5. Please sign up (Serious)

    im down
  6. chillin loc on the boy mardito? ah yes gone again lol gg ez fi suck heh
  7. announcement Sharkbrew P2P Tournament Poll LPC

    @zmaj be careful the guy you're arguing with might have an aneurysm if you continue reeling him. He pretends he's too cool for RS but defends his dead clan on a Runescape community forum and no one even knows who he is. He needs a minitiature war team signature to explain his insignificant relevance
  8. why does fi struggle?

    idk but mf gettin these hands, we already ended their midweek trips. Only high mf ranks can lead trips now lmfao
  9. announcement Sharkbrew P2P Tournament Poll LPC

    where is ur leadership now mr.warlord
  10. announcement Sharkbrew P2P Tournament Poll LPC

    LOL like oen full out means nething dude! EoP has like 4-5 fullout wins over foe idiot so does fi and also sup beat foe in full out too LOL
  11. please stop posting l000l
  12. Hey EOPussies

    lmao at this
  13. announcement Sharkbrew P2P Tournament Poll LPC

    !seen zmaj btw who is zmaj some1 tell me
  14. announcement Sharkbrew P2P Tournament Poll LPC

    LOL new kid to clanning EoP closed FO pre-eoc 2x LOL!
  15. mfw u think copy and pasting a youtube video link and the contents of this topic is putting in any effort at all when foe closed in 2014, eop were pulling 8s tagging along to foe trips l000l, its been 1420 days since fi has been relevant, fix up man stay easy dumb ass
  16. Jagex has your dox

    you were in eop am i right or am i right?
  17. announcement Sharkbrew P2P Tournament Poll LPC

    LOOOOOOOL did you really just take the time out of your day to post that, easy reel btw ive never been in eop and they still closed fo 2x in teh past LOL
  18. Hey EOPussies

    ngl i dont think eop could pull enough to a 100v100 even if there memberlist is above 100:/
  19. Please sign up (Serious)

    6. meeeeee
  20. never been bullied like fo is by eop LMFAOOO LUFFY WHAT U DOING NIGGA: dont ever pipe up again u stupid cunt, u are banned from mini warring
  21. L0000l eom on suicide watch

    When's closing date?

  22. i honestly thought fi already closed mf like months ago
  23. Please sign up (Serious)

    5. Kratos and every envy member 80cb +
  24. Hey EOPussies

    another topic about eop
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