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  2. nawe

    Yo CD (unbiased observation)

    get intense
  3. 'Jamie

    New bh lure

    lmfao these FL geeks lured a dragon crossbow, pretty unique spot though not gonna lie, better luck next time
  4. don't let these salty foe kids bash your attempt of something good @Demaisbest of luck with this community you got going on
  5. Reds

    brid vid #8

    Gz Moni
  6. Team Revolution

    brid vid #8

  7. Clan Rage for a way out!



  8. Today
  9. Munqki

    cwa Rage Vs Apex | F2P CWA FT100 | 2-0

    Ty 4 action apex!
  10. Pigwrestler7

    Yo CD (unbiased observation)

    Yes that’s clearly what I said (apparently you can’t read). You’re literally the Elve of CD, learn when to stfu
  11. Magikarp

    cwa Rage Vs Apex | F2P CWA FT100 | 2-0

    tight asf fight, tytyty
  12. This why u left foe huh y u lie there is no leaving topic lmao
  13. wolffff

    pkri Monday GMT Domination ft. Rage and Gwassing WM

    Ez bang even when im on holiday we run the wil
  14. you would know why i left fo if daniel holydreams didnt hide my leaving topic :]
  15. Apocalypse

    ARROZ CLAN | Brazilian Community | PvM/PvP/Warring

    You left foe for this lol
  16. Dillon Howlett

    Another CD Audio - Oh boy!

    He's trying extremely hard to not look desperate at this point hence why his pea brain can't make proper judgements anymore Simply put - i bullied him too hard
  17. Dillon Howlett

    What do all of these clans have in common?

    Dude your clan pulls 30 stfu lmao
  18. Dillon Howlett

    Yo CD (unbiased observation)

    Your tiny brain can't read three sentences? yikes
  19. Dillon Howlett

    Yo CD (unbiased observation)

    stay in your wheelchair my guy
  20. Pigwrestler7

    Yo CD (unbiased observation)

    Write us some more essays PLEASE
  21. OG Fishsticks

    Yo CD (unbiased observation)

    Imp closed, cd will close again for the 5th time! ~ Og Tan
  22. Looks lit. Nice to see a long standing clan
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