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  2. who really cares tbh people bring mains in mith/robes l0l
  3. Go fuck yourselves Supremacy
  4. Time to camp 30 def retards
  5. i actually have you so pressed LMAO
  6. hahahaha obsessed! ur getting ur clan killed and there's nothing u do can do about it!
  7. LMFAO i have each and every one of you triggered. keep replying to my topics hahahaha!
  8. obsessed is an understatement. go train your 80 strength dude.
  9. i destroyed you and there's nothing you can do about it lmfaooo
  10. ready to dust off the addy
  11. Today
  12. guy should go zerk or make another pure tbf.
  13. I think we should keep it 1-25 def
  14. what a great time to be alive
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