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  1. Thanks for all the support guys! Appreciate it and hearing from your stories/ insights really helped me. I need some time outside of a clan for now - but I'll surely join another one in the future
  2. I have not once been confrontated with those suspicions. There is no reason to argue about this, I never had a talk nor did anyone say "hey I think you are a spy". This topic is about MY thoughts and impressions about AAO and I have shown my point of view. To sum it up: Members are great and awesome, leadership is fishy.
  3. Hey guys, this is a post about my time at AAO and why I cannot recommend joining it as of now. After opening a "Lf clan post" at sharkbrew I got contacted by several clans, but ultimately went to AAO because they were advertised as the most "mature". I had a very good time at AAO and met many friendly people. It was very fun and fullfilling. Unfortunately, the wrong people have too much say in the clan. To my story and what happened: I was always eager to be of help and to attend all the events. In the midst of a weekend F2P I got kicked out of the Clanchat and permamently banned from teamspeak. I still have no idea what happened and never had any kind of talk about it. My parting message from teamspeak was "back2cd" - apparently I am a spy. It is sad to see a Clan run by immaturity, suspicion and a mindset of "acting before talking". It was a horrible experience to be kicked inside the wilderness and I hope nobody has to ever go through that again. It's also giving you a brown sticky stuffty feeling, you try to think about possible reasons and what you have done wrong. I have not been contacted nor had had an apology ever since. I won't drop any names nor put the blame on a specific person. It is sad to leave all the friends I made behind. I hope this has given more insights for people that are about to join a clan. Best regards Shervster
  4. I don't plan on going higher in prayer or str. I'm looking for a clan that's willing to accept that.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a pure clan; I already did some research but couldn't find a fitting one yet. To me and my account. My name's Shervin, I'm 21 years old and from germany. My pure is lvl 75 and I am not planning to raise the combat lvl any further. I'm about to max range and magic this week and that will probably be it for the time being. Image[imgur.com/mq8sQnc] blocked. Upload At Approved hosts http://imgur.com/mq8sQnc As my stats suggest I have the required bank for almost any activity. What am I looking for? I am looking for a mature clan, that's not stuck in nitpicking and flaming others. I'm looking for a friendly environment without racism, homophobia or any other irrelevant trashtalking. Especially the PK community deteriorated in the past years and I would like to see some changes for once. I hope to find a clan Cheers
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