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  1. I am p2p but currently stats being trained for f2p build 40 att 71 str (training atm to 80) 1 def 83 ranged 74 hp 60 mage 60 cb 15 pray exp,,,, etc,,,, ty,, ty ,,
  2. What does LPC mean? Sorry, brand new to the community. Adn yeah, i was planning on staying 1 prayer for a while tbh. Also - Thanks for all the feedback guys, was not expecting all the responses so quickly !
  3. Yes, i realize my stats are still a bit low. I'll be getting 59+ Magic, 75+ Range & 75+ str soon. Grinding out the training... Thanks for the feedback guys!
  4. Hey guys, just got back into Pures on OSRS & i'm currently training up my account to join a clan. I've been playing RS since 2006. I do have a headset w/ mic so teamspeak, discord, etc.. won't be a problem I'm not looking to do much P2P stuff. I am p2p but just wish to have a fun f2p pure clan to pk with. Currently my stats are: 40 Attack 73 Strength 1 Defence 1 Prayer 46 Range 1 Mage 62 HP 52 Combat Thanks guys...
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