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  1. Looking for xlpc f2p

    I am p2p but currently stats being trained for f2p build 40 att 71 str (training atm to 80) 1 def 83 ranged 74 hp 60 mage 60 cb 15 pray exp,,,, etc,,,, ty,, ty ,,
  2. Looking for F2P Pure clan

    Awesome, tyvm!
  3. Looking for F2P Pure clan

    What does LPC mean? Sorry, brand new to the community. Adn yeah, i was planning on staying 1 prayer for a while tbh. Also - Thanks for all the feedback guys, was not expecting all the responses so quickly !
  4. Looking for F2P Pure clan

    Yes, i realize my stats are still a bit low. I'll be getting 59+ Magic, 75+ Range & 75+ str soon. Grinding out the training... Thanks for the feedback guys!
  5. Looking for F2P Pure clan

    Hey guys, just got back into Pures on OSRS & i'm currently training up my account to join a clan. I've been playing RS since 2006. I do have a headset w/ mic so teamspeak, discord, etc.. won't be a problem I'm not looking to do much P2P stuff. I am p2p but just wish to have a fun f2p pure clan to pk with. Currently my stats are: 40 Attack 73 Strength 1 Defence 1 Prayer 46 Range 1 Mage 62 HP 52 Combat Thanks guys...