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    Lines of Loudness

    Only if Dripz joins.
  2. Loudness

    Lines of Loudness

    Oh. Guys. Don't invite me to join your clan. I ran did one PCL and was the first one bang. I'm the last guy to be running PCL's and brown sticky stuff like that. I'm down for pk trips but I have another 6 months of training, questing, and money making to do... In any case, I do remember a Krave on battle-scape . But I didn't really know you (no offense) on a personal level, if you will, but all good. What's goin' on <3?
  3. Loudness

    Lines of Loudness

    Where all my niggas at? Guys. I don't like this. I have to get at least 30 posts to actually be relevant on the forums? FML. Uhhh. So. Those of you who ran Mayhem on Battle-Scape. Will know me . But I made dope, basic 2d forum signature, ts3 icons, avatars, and more for free . #Lines of Loudness. P.S. My 10 defense pure was banned 22-Nov-2016 for Macroing.