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  1. Blood boi

    Looking for a SQUAD/FC

    No, i had to google it to figure out what you were talking about. I don't care for basketball.
  2. Blood boi

    Looking for a SQUAD/FC

    ya, no idea what youre talking about but thanks i guess
  3. Blood boi

    Looking for a SQUAD/FC

    never heard of them and can't find them anywhere, got any links?
  4. Blood boi

    Looking for a SQUAD/FC

    Not exactly in search of a clan, just a squad or open pking fc for casual wild trips/rev pking I'm 71 combat, here's my stats:
  5. Blood boi

    Intro, Looking for squad

    Hey, I'm mainly here looking for a pking SQUAD, no clans, i currently don't have the free time for serious clanning, seeing as most of them have ridiculous time wasting requirements. I'm just looking for a squad or open FC to go pking in wild/rev caves I'm 71 combat, and here's my stats.