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    gotchu ty everyone for the replies
  2. bLaReZ


    Cant add a picture to my avatar for my life i click to change and only one option for " No Picture" pops up.
  3. I'm about 2+ Months in from grinding osrs currently 114cb, Interested in trying out the Multi pking/clan scene was mainly a FFA clanwars player looking to expand very active i'm from EST timezone.
  4. probably should've mentioned I plan to max this account.
  5. Sup everyone just started playing OSRS for about 2-3 weeks now used to play alot of runescape back in the day mostly doing FFA clanwars w68 were the good days, played a decent amount of eoc for a while before i gave up and played some psevers or just moved on to other games completely. I'm mostly looking for a clan that does it all will probably be more invested into PvP later on once i have progressed more but still plan to pvm/boss. Very Active EST Timezone. Current stats 102 cb
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