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  1. IGN: Disstress Looking for xlpc pking clan, just recently left Divine as our clan has officially closed so I'm all offers atm. Feel free to look me up I'm level 65 combat I'm in timezone Gmt+12 so could only make Sunday morning pk trips and the odd Monday but depending on time locations.
  2. cheers bros, its a shame there no GMT clans i love pking, thats why i returned back to osrs in the first place, ill keep my options open, but looks like im no longer a member of noxious nvm thanks anyways @Scim North all the best bros. ill add ya @Lankz
  3. Thanks for the advice, I find it hard to believe there is no other (GMT) timezone ftp clans, I'm sure there be a couple aussie clans?
  4. Thanks brother. Mad respect to you and the Noxious brothers showing me the love. I just wish I could be around it more with my timezone.
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