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  1. Sooo... Lately I've been training up a pure i made a lil while ago and I was really active in the Pre-EOC era of pures. I've been thinking about re-joining another clan and i've broken it down to either Legacy or Apex. Idk anything about the pure scene now, but before eoc i was in NME and i joined MM a little before eoc hit. I came back again and joined AAO and i loved it, but i had to go mia cause work lol im getting to a point where i feel i've settled alot more and have more time for rs since I don't play fortnite as much anymore and every game sucks To be honest im looking more towards Legacy because of familiar names that i remember such as dabb3d and king koer, but im having a hard time finding out how to start the joining process for them. Any help?
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