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  1. Hey guys, im looking for a pure clan. Recently started a pure and currently lvling up. I was in FOE, EOP and some other clans like 8 years ago when i had a pure. Trying to get back to the nostalgic feeling I guess. Currently 50 att, 62 str, 77 range, 80 magic, 31 pray. Going for 82-85 ranged/magic atleast. Im open for all clans as long as I meet the requirements, but i would prefer clans where everyone isn't maxed out
  2. Thanks for all the responses. Guess the pvp community isnt that toxic
  3. 1. Current RuneScape Display Name/Past Display Name(s) Lothaurian, Lothaur, Vyac 2. Tell Us About Yourself I've been playing osrs on/off from 2005 or so. In osrs i've mostly been playing my main or my ironman, but recently i decided to make a pure. Im looking to get back into the pking scene and find a nice clan 3. How Did You Hear About SharkBrew? Reddit mostly 4. What PvP Communities Are You Part Of? (xlpc, lpc, zerk, main, etc? List all that apply) I guess xlpc/lpc 5. Clan History Haven't been in any big clans in osrs really. Had some days in FOE and EOP and some other pure clans back in the days before eoc. Loooong time ago though 6. Additional Comments Waddup
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