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Found 2 results

  1. Wednesday evening Lithuanian pure clan Brigada massed up to 17 members and went out for P2P PK trip. Was killing randoms at different spots until we got to know that StrikeTeam was out with similiar opts. We offered them a PKRI and they gladly accepted it. Fight 1 1st fight StrikeTeam was defending east of CA, we rushed them from the west side. Had around 10 minutes of return fight. Whole fight both clans were getting hit by some random main snipe team. At the end we managed to get a full clear on StrikeTeam and telled out. Fight 2 Since the 1st fight was getting ruined by mains StrikeTeam asked us for a rematch. This time we defended at south east bandits. Once again we had around 10 minutes clean return fight. Making some moves and catching some clumps we managed to clear StrikeTeam entirely and telled out with a win for Brigada. Shoutouts to all Brigada boys who did a really good job returning, tanking and specially not giving up. Shoutout to our Baltic Brothers - Striketeam for a really challengive fight, was extremelly fun and good fight boys!
  2. Today Brigada massed up to 17 lithuanian members and later peaking at 21 for an unofficial P2P pk trip. Some of our members hoped on IR, we were in a huge spread at that moment and instead of fighting them we decided to offer them a PKRI which they accepted. Fight 1 vs IR First fight IR was defending at CA. We rushed them from the west side, closing them from both north and south sides gave us some fast and easy kills. Few minutes later IR was cleared. Fight 2 vs IR After a fun fight, we asked for another round and IR gladly accepted it. This time IR was defending at east bandits. With a nice north to south spread we rushed them from East closing the north side. IR got into some huge clumps letting us to dominate the fight from the first minute. By taking over the north side and getting some returners from the south side we closed IR in a little bubble and cleared them. Fight was really fun tho. Fight 3 vs FOE, Prestige Got some information about some white hats at 26 hill, we rushed from the west side meeting around 10 FOE members and some mains. They had no chance against aggressive Brigada members and were forced to tele out or die. Right after we got a word that Prestige logged in by the Spider safe spot. We rushed them, unfortunately they telled out right away (managed to get 1 lol). 1 minute later we scouted Prestige in the same world by corp hill, so we rushed them once again this time throwing 4 succeful teleblocks helped us killing 4 of their members. Shoutout to IR for giving us decent action today. Shoutout to Misfits for fun mini pkris in both f2p and p2p. Sadly we couldnt get everything on vid #Brigada Denaz POV Arviz POV Some pics