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pure starting out looking for community/clan

pureC unt

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1. Current RuneScape Display Name/Past Display Name(s) pureC unt

2. Tell Us About Yourself. aussie new to pure pvp am still building my first pure and looking for some direction

3. How Did You Hear About SharkBrew? googled pure clans osrs

4. What PvP Communities Are You Part Of? (xlpc, lpc, zerk, main, etc? List all that apply) lpc

5. Clan History only pvm and social clans on my main 

6. Additional Comments just looking to try and find a active pure cc as all the discords listed under the clan section seem to be shut down
i joined the sharbrew discord to reach out to some people and for some reason was removed from the server o well if anyone has any leads on a pure cc im leaving my pure private on on the username is pureC unt please reach out if theres a spot in your clan


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