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  2. Accurate l0l0l0l, one can only imagine how much of a freak he is when you needa scam $10 for IRL survival #Prayers4AceKrave p.s. CD doesn't off btw
  3. Imagine scamming someone for $10 @Ace Krave


    1. Satans


      Actual scumbag of a human being, imagine being that much of a degenerate IRL, smfh

  4. Dillon Howlett

    For only £10 a month....

    Hey bud i think your clan is dying you should be worried about other things
  5. looked ez for cd hopefully ace krave doesnt leak his own locations again
  6. Dillon Howlett

    For only £10 a month....

    Imaging trying to pk in the one place your shit team is able to and still getting slapped by a f2p based clan daily big yikes
  7. Dillon Howlett

    Purge Audio Leak #1 - "We got spanked"

    Hehehe stay tuned
  8. Dillon Howlett

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    @Ace Kravehow does it feel getting slapped everyday
  9. Dillon Howlett

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    You sound mad there lil guy
  10. Ah classic, nothing to say back, uses the beta 12 year old reply thanks for playing kiddo!!
  11. I see that hurt ur feelings, care, i might burn ya
  12. Outlaw


    Nm yo, Just chillin playing runescape haha
  13. Taking away @Ace Krave's only form of income, his rev caves gp. Have fun being homeless 

  14. Are you retarded? It's the wildy bro, you don't know how to fight 1v1 on pures - No rag idiot. Expected from autistic rev cc masser team l0l0l0
  15. @Ace Kravecome out for f2p Sat/p2p Sun, oh wait, down syndrome rev cc team who actually PKs for gp l000000000000l
  16. Cleezy

    Northern vs Fs 4-0 ft. perfections

    good stuff northen
  17. Cleezy

    Northern vs Fs 4-0 ft. perfections

    good stuff northen
  18. Satans

    For only £10 a month....

    You come across some real freaks on here, but @Ace Kravetakes the cake for biggest virgin loser P.s. lock your doors at night
  19. Ragging from singles, cute lil clan🤣
  20. Today
  21. Who's Your Daddy

    midweek Critical Damage Thursday - Hunting Purge

    waow cd wins again
  22. damn looked ez for cd
  23. Critical Damage Starting : 15 - Peak: (20) PureGarbage (Purge) Starting : 20 - Peak: (24) Critical Damage Ending: 20 Purge Ending: 6 We heard purge was going out, so we decided to mass up 15 Shooters, later peaking at 20. - Cleared Purge X3 - Slumped Purge from 25 to 6 ingame. Shoutouts: - Ace Krave begging for off after we hit them twice in singles. - The Spy that got caught within the first 10 minutes of the trip, and krave leaking nothing? LOL - Purge for Calling IR for help - Purge quality (Refer to gifs below) Video:
  24. Caught your spy within 15 minutes, but are yet to catch me in your discord now 4 weeks l0l

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    2. Satans


      @Apocalypsewuu2 dog shit clan lmfao

    3. Erase


      l0000l kid in chatbox said he was about to cry hahaha

      gf fo rock bottom

    4. Satans


      Been a glorious slump and only themselves to blame, GG foe

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