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  2. Pked in wilderness for an hour ish then clans came out with higher opts so decided to ask Outbreak for CWA action; in which they accepted Outbreak thought they could underestimate us because of the short amount of time we have been around but soon figured out what we are about. Veni,Vidi,Vici
  3. Not letting me post graphics or anything so just gonna post vid! Had a few 1v1 fights vs viet and other teams and fought outbreak like 6v11 so ye enjoy If you want to join pm Ramie#4705 on discord or join our server https://discord.gg/KS5gZMR
  4. 3EEE.png.a2257652084242ede15bd2b2398432a4.png


    50-60 Combat

    DISCORD:  https://discord.gg/KS5gZMR

    Join up now! Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus

  5. Today
  6. listening to your teamspeak audio really fucking sucks (for me)
  7. your banter really fucking sucks tbh
  8. xyp9x

    Rage vs Fatality | 2-1 | 10v10s

    oo nice job rage
  9. Tango Wins Again

    Nawe presents: Quality of Shitpremacy

    dont u realise? weak people follow the same pattern aka u: get rank in clan, clan dies, repeat wahahaha
  10. Jordai

    Victim World ~ Ft.Jens

    ly @Jens
  11. bGYiStQ.gif

    1. Yaz


      worked with Rigo before, hes legit

  12. helped me alot 🙂
  13. Headphones

    Rage vs Fatality | 2-1 | 10v10s

  14. Headphones

    [xLPC] TRIBE 50-55cb

  15. lmao still obsessed u up 2 date w me lmfao what a stan
  16. Tango Wins Again

    Nawe presents: Quality of Shitpremacy

    damn would not want to be u right now!! hope your vacation from runescape was enjoyable and glad that you can take the time to close shit clan ir and become a rank in another 1 wahahahahaha
  17. DilL

    [xLPC] TRIBE 50-55cb

  18. aw panic lol

    Victim World ~ Ft.Jens

  19. Cd burried alive and no one coming to their aid lmfa00 

    Even xlpc scapers know ur a dead clan

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