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  2. GDZ fights again? Goodjob community, nice to see you guys are switching it up. Nice job boys, looked like you dominated today πŸ‘
  3. πŸ˜„ bro chill u making it too obvs that ur clan got stomped on today
  4. wheres fo l000000l only kid left flaming is some newfag sandcrabber, sick
  5. lmfao rage slave recruited all week for this?? we only had 3/10 ranks show up and we still did this to u l00l
  6. @Spiral with the weak propaganda "sup main" Boater Set -> how dumb do u think ur members are l0l
  7. very soon!!!
  8. im waiting for him to write us a few paragraphs about his dead clan
  9. Bears on topΒ πŸ»πŸ‘‘

  10. 5min mark for my scim push on 10 of you including @DilL& co
  11. niblet sure did RAGE today after realizing how much his clan wasnt returning

  12. haha you brought tanks, camped singles and still lost! you wont like what comes next buddy! make sure to be on for the trip tomorrow to teleport out from the mighty foe clan! i shall enjoy killing your eop + ir remake for the 3rd time!
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