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  1. Ah yes... the one we declined you from! Are you seriously still salty over it?
  2. Sorry. what clan are you in again?
  3. TORMENTED PURES Clan chat 'TP RS' Team Cape 50 - Wizard Hat [BLACK[ Home World - 350 Tormented Pures also previously known as The Firm was formed during the Covid-19 Pandemic, After a discussions with Total Domination we decided to join forces to become an unstoppable and recognizable clan to compete in the Wilderness. We have a very experienced team with plenty of room for progression through our ranks! With successful merge with TD we are now in a position to be able to provide our members the most greatest experiences! Having nonstop activity in the clan whether its Rev Cave's Pkin, Single trips, Miniwars, Castle wars events, PvMing trips, we are one of the most growing communities to be involved in! We have program's in place for new inexperienced Clanners/Pkers to be able to get up to speed and able to grow showing us their full true potential. We have large growing numbers, Friendly members with nonstop action pact in a non-toxic environment with a solid desire to progress! So you may be asking why you should choose us? * We will love you even if you can’t PK * Run by multiple non-toxic ranks * We encourage decent gear (no restrictions on gear setups) * Organized trips * We hit any protection clans we feel like * We do not ns, we do not engage in rag wars leave that to the protectors * We are wilderness based not solely rev caves! * Daily GIVEAWAYS + EVENTS for ALL its MEMBERS!! * Trips are encouraged even if leaders aren't around! this is a big ask for everyone to keep this community active! * If this is something you are interested in, Get in touch now! Mycaves#2551 - Moe#4595
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