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  1. this what a winning topic looks like LMFAO @Blunt Purez
  2. Venom massed up 25 glorious men for our P2P PKRI v Terror. We knew alot of clans got word of this and started to mass up to crash, we was ready for the crash war and had a good time fighting for a long time. LOL at (brown=poop) thinking they did anything but get cleared all over, keep trying to switch focus from OG. Ty for the battles everyone Malo
  3. gf should add the 2-1 tho, ntl gfs
  4. wont work, tried to sort this. clans are avoiders
  5. ~ Discord ~ Venom massed up 38 glorious men for our P2P Pking Trip. Today was a our 2021 opening trip and we'd like to thank everyone that made it possible for us to be here and able to compete, thank you. There was no full on clears mainly just clusters and a lot of mains. Nonetheless appreciate all the action that was given folks. Fight 1:26 Hills We started of the trip by rushing onto a 26 hills, as we rushed in we started to battle Terror for a while until supremacy and other clans rushed in. GF Terror Fight 2: Sperm Hill We got word there was a cluster forming around the sperm hill, we rushed from the north and focused whoever was in our path. After a few minutes of battling BP teles away as. Legacy/Apex then logged in so we dipped. GF BP/OG Fight 3: West Bandits We set up a PKRI vs Supremacy West of Bandits, as we rushed in we started focusing anything in sight. After a while of battling, BP logs from the south and crashes. We tele'd away GF SUP Fight 4: West Bandits We set up a fight vs Supremacy West of Bandits, they rushed in from the west and went head to head with them. We was fighting for a short time until LY/BP Crashed. we moved north then eventually tele'd away. GF SUP Fight 5: East Bandits We set up a fight vs Terror East of Bandits, As we rushed in from the east we went straight into them down opts. Once again, the whole community turns up within minutes. We moved north then eventually tele'd GF Terror Fight 6: Chaos Temple We set up a fight vs Terror at Chaos Temple, we rushed west into Terror and instantly caught them into massive clumps. Legacy then crashes from the north which made us tele to edge. We went straight back to chaos temple to find nothing but stragglers. OG rushes us and we then battled it out for a while until they tele away. We then moved west and hit Apex/Rage (mostly mains). We tele'd away as it was completely pointless. GF Terror/OG Fight 7: Corp We was having a quick regroup at Corp until a clueless group of hillbillies rushes us in FOE capes (LMFAO). We thought this was Foe but no one could of been this shit. It came down to one conclusion who this was, It was Zenith. We battled it out for a small while until we almost completely wiped them until Legacy wanted to claim bodies too. GF Zenshit Malo Mauy tba Unu Pics
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