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  1. Nice stuff, saw you guys at Lavas. Good luck!
  2. What are the terms of the coin flip!?b The last declaration ended in shambles due to such an important part of the fight!
  3. Nice, sounds like a fun time! simple and easy
  4. Yeah so my Runescape clan called Legacy decided to set up a PKRI with the clan called Misfits on this lovely Thursday (almost Friday) night. 10 Spartans attacked the bees. Multiple locations and multiple pkris took place. They had spears. I had my ahrims staff. Was fun gf. Thank you for the clean action! Fun as always. Gee Effs. POV:
  5. A group of 10 Legacists were out in the PvP zone known as the Wilderness on a quaint Wednesday night. After a few hours of peekaying, the Legacists naturally ran into a criminal group of individuals known as Kill on Sight (KoS) in the Slayer Caves (caves known for slaying). These individuals are known for murdering clue hunters and ironmen. Legacy and KOS fought in the slayer caves. Eventually, the fight was brought to Chaos Temple (temple of Chaos). Legacy engaged in multiple fights with Kill on Sight. Much fun was to be had and there was no sign of any crashers. Thank you for the clean action! Fun as always. Gee Effs. POV:
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