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  1. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Fatality massed up the reapers to take on the pure community this fine Sunday afternoon, while sipping on some adult beverages and tending to juicy hamburgers on the grill. We started out with a fight at CA against Blunt Purez, we did some quick work and headed to the next fight. Next, we setup a fight vs Apex, west of bandits, we rushed from the west and began the shark hunt, this fight soon became a cluster with Misfits and a certain banned pure clan. Next we heard about a cheeky cluster going on in Al-Khaird, so we rubbed our glories and logged in on Misfits inside the palace, where we took advantage of several clumps we caught and dipped out. Afterwards, we then rushed Apex in the trees north of Corp Hill, this was a close fight that went back and forth, very fun. Lastly, we setup yet another fight with Apex in Burthrope. We dominated the fight almost clearing the shark clan multiple times. GGs to all.
  2. Fatality chilled out with the boys this Saturday night and scheduled a fight against Legacy. We started north of the rev cave teleport and had an engaging fight. We then decided to go fight at FoG after our first run-in and Fatality carried the upperhand through both skirmishes. Twas a nice time. GGs.
  3. Fatality kicked off Memorial Day weekend with a cluster against Legacy and Kill On Sight (KoS). The cluster took place around GDZ with the fight moving back and forth between white plat and glory hill. We maneuvered many times to hit both opponents and took control of what was to be a very long, clean, competitve fight. Afterwards, we had a 1v1 against Legacy at CA, we remained dominate the entire fight. GGs to all.
  4. Fatality sounded the horn for our scheduled fight against Legacy tonight. We fought north of rev caves in what was a very dominating performance by Fatality. We started out by rushing Legacy from the west and the fight got on the way, we rotated many times, catching Legacy in many clumps and capitalizing on those. We controlled most of the fight, controlling the north side for the majority of the time, it was fun. Thanks for the action Legacy. GGs.
  5. Sorry brother, you're now in the main community and.... no one asked. l0l
  6. Fatality massed up tonight for our scheduled fight to Misfits. We fought at CA and were able to capitalize on several clumps. It was a competitive and we enjoyed the fight. GGs.
  7. Fatality stormed the wildy today with intel on several clusters. We started out north of rev caves to hit a cluster of multiple clans, slaying several outsiders in our path. Then, we ventured down to Corp Hill where we hit another cluster and took out the opps. Lastly, we headed to the PVP realm and hit the last cluster of the day in Falador. We caught a certain clan in a massive clump and fought Apex and Misfits shortly after. GGs to all.
  8. Cry from Fuderp

  9. Fatality massed up 20 strong players for our scheduled fight vs Misfits, defending on white plat west of gdz. We quickly hit their west side dumping our specs and wrapping towards their main group. The fight was clean and competitive. Thanks for the fight as always. GGs.
  10. Fatality massed another 20 Reapers this evening to take on Legacy. We defended north of Mossies, swiftly taking out Legacy one by one as we moved south/southeast and pushed them into singles. A certain banned pure clan tried to take advantage of the opportunity and hit the fight from the west while Misfits flew in as well. Banned pure clan actually thought and got cleared only moments later. We reset with Legacy at Chaos Altar and began the next fight, taking control of the fight again, banned pure clan tried to inject again and got put in one-item. GGs to all
  11. Fatality massed up 20 Reapers this evening to take on Misfits at 26 Hill. The fight initiated as we rushed from Sperm Hill on to 26 Hill, soon pushing Misfits north of the hill and rotating around to match their spread. We controlled the majority of the run-in, in what was to be a very clean and competitive fight. GGs to Misfits.
  12. Fatality approached Misfits earlier this week to setup a P2P Midweek PKRI. We massed up 15 Reapers, peaking at 17 and attacked Misfits at CA. We took early control of the fight and held our own as Mifits seemed to gain a few more opts as the fight went on. Nonetheless, fun fight and clean action. GGs.
  13. Fatality massed up 15 Reapers tonight to take on Misfits and Terror. The fight took place at Bandits in a three-way cluster where every clan was continously moving around. Fatality was able to maneuver a few times to anti both clans trying to hit us from a few different directions and caught the opps in multiple clumps. Can't outsmart the Kings! GGs to all.
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